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  1. rascal23

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    Worst ever.
  2. rascal23

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    I've been watching J. Elam. He's had a real solid couple of years and can fish a big variety of water. I nearly took him over Hack last time. For me, it's going to come down between him, J. Lee or Wheeler, who is red hot as well. One thing I've noticed, is how tough of a time Chris Lane is having from last years MLF events to this years Elite series. We'll see if he can shake it off.
  3. rascal23

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    How bout that Feider guy! So far, so good this year. You think he knows that the AOY is at Mille Lacs this year?
  4. rascal23

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    thatoneguy, looks like your lineup change paid off. Maybe you should do that every tourny .
  5. rascal23

    Major League Fishing in Grand Rapids

    Will do. We were just up there for ice fishing on Bass. First the drizzle and rain came, then the wind blew us all the way home. We did get in some good sight fishing for bass though. 3-5 fow on the edge of reeds. Real cool to see the bass come in and take your lure that shallow. We got a couple of 18" +.
  6. rascal23

    Major League Fishing in Grand Rapids

    Great to see this in Minnesota. Trout has been on my bucket list and will happen this year. The mix of largies and smalls really works for this show and plays into the guys heads. I was pulling for Hack. He's become one of my favorites. I think these guys are gaining a new appreciation for MN. Except maybe the Lane Bros.
  7. rascal23

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    Hack Herren Lee Williamson Jones
  8. rascal23

    Aluminum vs Glass

  9. rascal23

    Major League Fishing in Grand Rapids

    What? No pike? I was hoping to see them have to take off a dozen or so. Is there a 2 minute penalty for cut-offs?
  10. rascal23

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    For better or worse, I tend to look at the ownership of the anglers. All things equal, I like Tharp. But if he stumbles, he takes half the fantasy field with him. I think momentum and consistency come into play alot too. I flipped a four sided coin and it came up J. Lee. I may flip it again between him and Wheeler. FLW fishes this lake a lot, and always has, so the guys joining BM Elite after years in FLW have a lot of experience on Okee. I really like Chad Grigsby for this and he has low ownership, but he lost the coin toss. A. Lee B. Lane C. Powroznik D. Kreiger E. Benton More coin flips to come
  11. rascal23

    Major League Fishing in Grand Rapids

    Watching it right now (DVR). Minnesota lakes play right into the MLF format. Varied types of bites, LM or SM, fast action. Score tracker really keeps their heads spinning trying to figure out the other guys hot bite. It does seem to be a small average so far though. Need to see a few more 3's and 4's to make more interesting.
  12. rascal23

    2017 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

    Very small group. Must be because of the early start. BM seems to be trying alot of different stuff to keep it fresh. The bracket tournament being one of them. Nice to see them spending some time in MN, but with just 8 boats, I could think of a half dozen other lakes for a better venue, starting with Vermillion - big water, big largemouth, big smalls. Tonka, Leech, Pelican by Orr and maybe Whitefish. Lakes with both species definitely add to strategy, and Pokegama fits that bill. I'm happy to see the business going to outstate areas though. Oh yeah, Nice job Mrfloat.
  13. rascal23


    I wonder how many people really know that your daily limit, is your possession limit. 20 sunnies in your freezer means you can't keep any more. This goes for all gamefish species daily limits except perch, where possession is double your daily. And assuming every angler knows this, how many break it. I've often said that fish possession limits are the most broken game law.
  14. rascal23

    Weekly Bass Reports

    smalliehunter, Outstanding picture!!!
  15. rascal23

    Bass Photos

    Well Done!!! Care to share depth, baits, water temp, stories? Might be able to get to ML this week.