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  1. I use a Marcum LX5 mostly because it was too good of a deal to pass on. I like it because it's simple, easy to use and dial in, yet still has some extra features. The biggest positive- not having interference in a house because everyone else runs Vexilar
  2. jgrimmz

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I agree to that statement. Losing Butler sucks, but I think it'll work out for the wolves. If you look at what we should get in return for Butler vs giving up Lavine, Dunn, and Markennan in the trade, we're doing alright. No way we could have kept Lavine with his huge contract and potential further injuries and Dunn (who I like as a player) probly won't get better than he currently is. Markennan is the one I wish we still had, but we should be able to pull a couple young shooters and maybe a draft pick or veteran in this Butler deal. Time will tell..
  3. Thanks for the replies! I too have been running into the issue where shops refuse the business because it's "too old." I think the real excuse is they can't make enough money off the work. It's beyond my mechanical abilities unfortunately. Actually, I just found a good deal on a newer and larger motor that would better suit my needs and am picking it up tomorrow. I'll be keeping the 4.5 horse so I'll follow up if I am successful with one of the suggested shops.
  4. jgrimmz

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    Butler isn't going to stick around. I'd be surprised if he isn't dealt before camp begins Monday. We don't have to trade him to the three (garbage) teams he requested. I, for one, hope he gets traded to a team that benefits the Wolves and not Butler. (I'm pretty upset he asks to be traded after a year that he cost us the chance of making a strong playoff push)
  5. Perfect, thanks I will give him a call.
  6. Hello all, I have a 70's Johnson 4.5hp outboard motor that is in need of repair and wondering if anyone knows a reputable shop or person I can bring it to? I was out a couple years ago and the motor putted out on me. Not thinking anything of it, I started it again and this time it dies pretty hard and wouldn't turn over after. It was also significantly harder to pull start. I think it may have locked up due to water in the gas tank, but I'm not sure. The motor has sat in my garage ever since, so at this point, I think it will need a thorough tune up and to be gone through and ensure no internal rust or damage. I'm hoping to bring it in ASAP as I would like to use it for duck season. I know, way behind the eight ball lol Thanks! Also, I should note I'm in the metro and am willing to drive about an hour and a half. Depending on the area, further locations can be accommodated.
  7. Went out again today after the rain and found about a dozen more that were much larger. Left a lot out there hoping to get some over the 5" mark. Most harvested today were between 3-4"
  8. I was out today south of the metro and came back with almost 30! My girlfriend took me out for the first time. A little on the small side yet, so we only picked the drier morels. Left the good ones to hopefully harvest early next week or this weekend.
  9. jgrimmz

    Crop harvest reports Fall 2016...

    Kerns getting knocked down around the W/NW metro finally
  10. jgrimmz

    Camp Ripley 2016

    Make sure to report back to all us second week hunters!
  11. I'd done fairly well also considering I've only been out one weekend. Planning to try my luck again this weekend but have already heard reports they are roosting early.
  12. jgrimmz

    Broken Pedicle 1 yr Later

    That's cool! hopefully those fellas make it another year, I'm curious to see how they develop
  13. Sounds like an excellent combo! Did you season/marinate the goose meat beforehand?
  14. Wow never heard of that before, highly doubt it was the DNR. I'd report it since it seems you must be close to a city and I'd bet they've had other complaints on it as well
  15. ^that's awesome to hear! In my area it's been almost all geese, but there are families of duck on the lakes. Not a ton, but I'm hopeful there are more around. Seems like an up year thus far at least