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  1. jgrimmz

    Ford Ecoboost

    6-7 years old and 70,000 miles has a lot of factors to consider other than the motor itself; spark plugs, wires, fuel filter (if applicable), fuel pressure, air filter, carbon build up, etc. It's a long list, 70,000 miles is a good time for a general full tune up and then reassess the situation
  2. jgrimmz

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    Sounds like Hoiberg as GM and Billups as coach is being thrown around. I'd be ok with Hoiberg as GM, not sure how I feel about Billups as a coach now that he's been an analyst for so long. I'm cautiously optomistic about the change. Saunders is close in age to our starts and he's well respected in the locker room. If I remember right, a bunch of our players attended his wedding and he's close with Wiggins, Towns, and Tyus. I think his newer age style of ball will translate well to our younger players and maybe inspire them to play harder. First test later tonight!
  3. jgrimmz

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    Haha amen to that! I hope Ryan gets to coach out the season and the organization makes a decision in the off season. Doubt it works out that way, but I can dream
  4. jgrimmz

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I doubt he makes it to the all star break. That was a nice win last night, but inexcusable loss to Atlanta. Thibs made a lot of questionable calls in the Atlanta game. I think his coaching style is dated and too easily defeated by all the "shoot every shot as a three" teams of the modern NBA. Prior to the Butler trade, I don't think he's even improved our defense. Wiggins and Rose still struggle on defense and Towns is frequently out of position. Not a lot of arguments for Thibs right now, except his draft/scouting abilities.
  5. Yes, definitely precook the wild rice. For 25lbs, I would probly use 3 cups or more of blueberries. The ones I have show a blueberry at least every 3/4" on the sausage and still have just a hint of blueberry flavor. Huge fan of the flavor though, can't wait to work my own recipe!
  6. I had Center Cut Meats make some of these up with my deer this year. I just got the meat back and will be trying these out this weekend! Super excited, I think it'll be a new favorite
  7. I've made pork jerky once and it was excellent, thanks for the reminder! That was several years ago and I completely forgot how inexpensive and delicious it is. I used my homemade generic Asian marinade. I've also made jerky out of a ham steak. Also delicious, but very labor intensive to ensure it doesn't dry out
  8. jgrimmz

    2nd Smitty Sled Build

    Nice build! Are you using a simple caster as the turning assembly? How do you mount the skiis? I've drilled up from the bottom but have always wondered if there is a mounting style with less drag
  9. Grainbelt, I like the ginger in soy in that recipe. Great addition to venison in my opinion. Just curious, why do you add liquid smoke if you're dehydrating in the smoker?
  10. jgrimmz

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    Great showing by the team last night! It was exciting to see the effort level way up and the new guys seem to plug into their roles well. Much more excited for the rest of the season!
  11. jgrimmz

    What Lb Test Line For Walleyes?

    I run 6lb on two rods and 4lb on two. I like the (possibly imagined) extra feel on the 4lb for light bites. I run swivels on my rods too, unless there's a very finicky bite
  12. jgrimmz

    2005 Wheelhouse Update

    Looks great! Big improvement in a small area
  13. jgrimmz

    Where Ya Opening The Season

    Not a monster, but pretty good for the northern hard woods! I should add these pictures are field dressed. He is a pretty big bodied deer
  14. Smoked venison jerky turned out very well! Smoked a little over 3lbs for about 6 hours at 185 degrees. Internal smoker temp held pretty consistent at about 178. Only loaded one handful of chips and the smoke came out just about right. Not a huge smoke flavor but just enough
  15. jgrimmz

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I'm ok with the trade. Best we can get under the circumstances. I don't think it'll be enough to make a playoff push this season but I feel it will help build the future around our current player