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  1. Going to be building a fish house this summer. Was wondering how I could wire my house so I could run everything (Lights, tv, etc.) off of a generator and have the batteries charging while the generator is on and then be able to run everything off of batteries when I don’t have the generator with. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. Is that siding pretty thick? Do you need to have some sort of plywood behind it?
  3. What kind of siding is that? Where did you get it?
  4. anybody know of a good direct vent fish house heater? looking to heat a 6' by 10'. would like it to be direct vented so i can spend the night
  5. Been thinking about building a fish house, and knew a lot of the users on here have rubber roofs. How do you like them? How do you put them on a fish house? If you had pictures that would be awesome, I'm knew to all this stuff. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the help guys!!
  7. not sure on the vegetation or the water clarity
  8. Hi i'm new here. I have heard from a friend that there are alot of great fisherman here. I'm asking about a location on a local lake below to catch walleye. This lake is known for it's walleyes, and I'd like some more advice on where to sit. I know how to catch walleyes, been doing that since I was 5, but always on lakes that we knew where to fish. Now I'm starting new. Feel free to download and draw on it. Thanks!
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