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  1. Don Julio

    Salem Ice cabin owners, battery question

    How about using a AGM battery. They are sealed so no need to vent. I use one in my Yetti for the last 3 years. I also use a big volt and run a forced air furnace. I made an extra storage area in front of my rear jack knife sofa for the battery. I remove the lid to access it to hook up the big volt. After drilling the hose I reconnect the house power back to the battery. I used old jumper cable ends from my power source to the house. That way I just pull off the cables when I leave the house. No drain on battery when I’m gone. Easy access. I had it under rear sofa that was a pain. Best change I made to the house. I got the old cables off a dead jumper unit at the landfill.
  2. Don Julio

    Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    I converted my helix 7 chirp to ice about a month ago. I’ve fished next to my vexilar FLX-28 with no interference. The generation 2 with the chirp technology offers a much improved ice unit than the generation 1 units. For the best results you need to download the newest update for your helix and have the new ice ducer. With this you get interference rejection and a much better target separation. The flasher mode is very sharp and easy on the eyes. You are also able to change the colors and background to your liking. Here’s a picture to see it in action.
  3. Don Julio

    First Ice

    Upper Red Lake on November 26. Good day of fishing. Had a chance to try out the helix 7 conversion. Works great with the new update.
  4. Don Julio

    After market swing arms

    Anyone know if Shane123 is still making these?
  5. Don Julio

    Get a CO Detector!!!!

    A CO2 detector also protects you from what comes into your house thru a cracked window. Had mine go off last week on red. Turns out the wind had changed and generator exhaust was now blowing towards house. Generator was 50' from the house.
  6. Don Julio

    Led light strips

    Bought mine on eeebayy for $12.50 to the door. 16' of 5050 waterproof daylight white strip lights. Cut them in half and ran them in my new otter cabin down to my vexlar battery. Very bright. They come with 3M tape to fasten to your poles. I also used some ty wraps to make sure they held in the cold. The seller on eeeebayy was UK.LE.
  7. Don Julio

    Screws for aluminum

    I tried to purchase the screws yetti uses from Fastenal who is their vendor for the screws. They are only sold in large reels designed for a self loading screwgun. I finally called Casey at Glacial lake docks where I purchased my yetti and he sent me out the amount I needed. They work great to add additional fir strips. The plastic used to tie them together comes right off as you screw them in. Hope that helps.
  8. Don Julio

    Wheelhouse battery replacement

    I use a cabelas AGM 30 in my Yetti. Cabelas went to a different post design so I was able to get this to my door for $125.. I like the idea of no fumes and mounting it however I need. I have a 10" big volt that I use in the house and the battery holds up excellent. Works for me.
  9. Don Julio

    Propane line from tank to house

    I ran a 3' line from regulator to a black metal pipe long enough to go thru the wall into a brass 3 way T. From this I ran separate lines to my forced air furnace, stove and no vent heater. Each line has its own isolation valve, that way if you have an issue with any one of the three, it can be shut down. I'm kinda a safety nut, so the $$ for the extra valves and separate lines was a no brainier. I bought all the flexible gas line with fittingsfrom Ice Castle. About $3/'. No one around Duluth makes gas hose anymore. A liability thing I was told. Everything is held in place with clamps.
  10. Don Julio

    What trailer lock do you use?

    When I'm leaving my house I just remove the trailer tongue. Two pins and I'm done.
  11. Don Julio

    Furnace question for you pros out there...

    The next time you use the furnace try this. Get furnace to run and up to temperature, then turn off just the thermostat, sit down inside and see if the furnace re-starts. If it does you have a bad thermostat. The off function is not working correctly. Replace thermostat. On mine you have to push a lever on top of thermostat to shut it off. I'm thinking its trying to start when you are gone and with no gas on, it times out trying to start. Pulling fuse resets the furnace and will light now since the gas is back on. My 2 cents with a shot of Don Julio!
  12. Don Julio

    Aluminum fish house shell

    I purchased a 8X16 yetti shell this last march. I finished the interior myself. As others had mentioned, I too used the extra ridgid foam in the walls and ceiling before the T&G. The floor was spray foamed. I enjoy making cabinets and counter tops so doing the work myself was fun. I like the idea of knowing where and how it was all put together. My plan was to put everthing I knew I wanted in this house and then fish in it a season. I can now adjust a few things and complete the interior this summer. I installed two heaters in this house. A 18,000 BTU forced air and a 10,000 BTU ventless. I use both to bring the house to temp and adjust thermostat to kick on and off as needed. I love having this option and don't worry about having to cut my trips short because of a furnace problem. It is very easy on propane and wonderful to fish in. Good luck.
  13. Don Julio

    Fish House at MSP pick up terminal

    Was just up in Red yesterday. I had no problem pulling my 8x16 anywhere on the lake. I have a 1/2 ton silverado. That big ford should have no problem getting around. Snow is hard in spots, best to be setting up in the light.
  14. Don Julio

    Wheel House Brands / Thoughts?

    We were up on URL the last two days. While hooking up the house noticed a couple guys working on their new IC. They were replacing one of the hubs that had all the lugs sheer off flush. Said 1st trip with new house and glad it had double axles so they could limp it some place to fix it. He was not impressed. Said he even checked everything including the lugs before he left the TC. IC warranted the parts for him but this house hadn't even been on a lake yet. No matter what you buy there may be problems, but issues like this seem to follow IC. I looked at them all and decided on a 8X16 yetti. I liked the quality of their product and also that I could finish the house the way I wanted. Just my opinion.
  15. Don Julio

    Reopening Holes with an Ion

    My 10 1/4" big volt re-opens holes with ease. Works great in a wheel house. Now to try out the new slush copter I got for x-mas on URL tomorrow.