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  1. BiggerJigger

    Ice Gator/Nils auger combo

    I'm thinking of selling my IceGator and going with the Strikemaster. Looking at the Strikemaster, it is not as bulky and heavy. The IceGator does cut ice like butter, especially with a Strikemaster 224 bit!
  2. BiggerJigger

    2018 Yetti Re-design

    Placed my order on the new Traxx. Can't wait!
  3. BiggerJigger

    auger gas

    I run non-oxy premium in all of my seasonal small gas engines. Never a problem with starting since.
  4. BiggerJigger

    Waubay area ice conditions?

    Can anyone tell me how thick the ice is in the Waubay area?
  5. BiggerJigger

    Alexandria area ice conditions

    Yeah that was our plan but I heard that it is even tough for snowmobiles to get around with the slush. Also heard that the bite is poor.
  6. BiggerJigger

    Alexandria area ice conditions

    Can I get any info on what Alexandria area lakes that I can get around with a wheelhouse?
  7. BiggerJigger

    Strikemaster Auger Blades

    I had sent mine to [email protected] Did a great job and were back within a week.
  8. BiggerJigger

    Wheel house advice for a first time buyer.

    I had purchased my second wheelhouse from Fish n Style. Matt will take care of you and will work with what you want.
  9. BiggerJigger

    Ice Castle Door Freezing Shut

    They all will freeze when its toasty inside and minus 0 outside. Silicone spray works great.
  10. BiggerJigger

    12v lights for Permanent House

    Go with the LED. Even though they are expensive, they will save your battery.