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  1. I have tried to contact Crestliner by phone and email with no results. As far as rotting wood, I can see it through the inspection plate. It appears the center scupper in the splash well has been leaking for some time leave a big soft spot dead center. I stopped in at George's boat repair in East Bethel on Fri. and they had a Crestliner that was older but constructed similarly. They cut the top of the gunwale on one side and pulled the old transom out at a angle.
  2. It's starting to sound like it is over my head. Here are some pics of the part I would have a problem with.
  3. Nice job on your rebuild. I don't think/hope mine will be that big of a job. My biggest concern is where do I need to cut the Aluminum. I know I need to remove the motors and then cut and remove the transom cap so I can remove the wood but the wood goes the full width of the transom leaving everything under the gunnel with no access to remove or install the wood. The gunnel part has me stymied at this point. When I'm done I want this to look like it was never done, not like I used a can opener on it
  4. How hard is it to replace the wood in the transom of a 2050 Crestliner Sportfish? I have a fair amount of mechanical ability but is this a job that is most likely over my head? HTB
  5. Jiggin9 did you do the replacement yourself? HTB
  6. 2001, 200hp Merc Opti with Smart Craft package. The last time I had the boat on the water last year the the gauge stopped working correctly but the motor would still tilt and trim using the switch on the throttle. I thought I would make the repair after the trip was over. After loading the boat on the trailer I tried to trim the motor up using the trim switch on the motor so I could put the transom saver on but it would only go down. It works correctly from the throttle and the switch in the front of the boat. The question I have is, could the switch on the motor be causing a incorre
  7. Air Jer, I finally replaced the trailer tires with Tow Max. I checked out the Marathons but found they don't make a tire with a 10 ply rating
  8. Carlisle's are junk, tried them once on a work trailer. My 2001 Shorelander trailer with tandom axels came with Goodyear Marathons. I replaced them this year only because they were 14 years old and I run up to Rainy Lake from the twin Cities 3-6 times a year and don't want to invite problems. I need new tires on my work trailer but not sure what to get. Any suggestions for that? HTB
  9. I have a 2001 200 Merc. with the smart craft gauges. The last time out the trim gauge would only read in full trailer 25. I tried to calibrate it but not able to do so. Today I decided to take another look at it. I ended up looking at the position sensor on the motor. when I removed the sensor and trimmed the motor up and down the part that should move to tell the sensor the motors position doesn't move. When I changed the position of the part that moves on the sensor it would give me different trim angles, 16 - 25, but not the full range 0 -25. Any ideas? Thanks, HTB
  10. Im with Del, no. Birds are easy to use and a full day of just playing with it goes along ways in the learning curve Seminars are only good for 10% retention anyways. Have fun
  11. If you can swing a Humminbird, go for it. Much more user friendly and better chips for that area!
  12. The speed test was Comcasts for their system so I'm not all that sure it's a valid test. I will give that a try and see if that helps.
  13. Just purchased a new dell computer with Win. 8.1 on it. My problem is with the App store, when I try to install a app. I receive a message that it was unable to install do to slow internet speed. I have done a speed test and am getting about 60 mb download and 12 mb upload speeds which should be adequate. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks HTB
  14. The check airbag light came on in both my 03 Suburban and 05 Silverado, I was told it was a sensor. How would I check this out? HTB
  15. A few years ago I had a 95 Bonne. One fine summer day I parked the car and few hours later I had the same problem. Had it towed to a garage for repairs the next day because it still wouldn't start. The guy at the garage just replaced the battery. I was told that if the battery doesn't have 12 volts or more the injectors will not fire when starting. HTB
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