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  1. Elm Creek Local

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Seems to me there is something out there for furnace placement under a sleeping surface as it relates to OEM application. I might be wrong, just thought some of the smart guys on here would know...
  2. Elm Creek Local

    New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Does anyone know if there are regulations placed on OEMs for furnace placement? I see there is duct work under the sofa.
  3. Elm Creek Local

    Underwater Cameras

    Anyone have luck getting a decent image out on murky LOW?
  4. Elm Creek Local

    2017 Fish House Build

    Okay, I'll throw my 2 cents in the mix.... End of the day you could float this entire assembly, only mount it by your pins at the desired height you want and don't introduce a sliding mechanism into the system.
  5. Elm Creek Local

    2017 Fish House Build

    I'm very interested how you designed the bed lift, would love to see pictures when its installed!
  6. Elm Creek Local

    New Strickmaster Lithium Chipper

    I had the 10" Ion and drilled 6 holes and returned it. Too much slush to deal with in a wheelhouse and takes much longer than an 8" bit.
  7. Elm Creek Local

    2017 Fish House Build

    Would it be worth pulling 20-30 miles down the road at pressure to see if any leaks pop up? Can't quite tell if those are Shark Bite couplers on your return, but those would be worth monitoring too. Looking good, can't wait for your feedback after it gets put to the test.
  8. Once your wife fishes out of a nice wheelhouse, expect to have more trips with of her and the family. That's just my experience. I would say you need to choose the brand/model that fits your requirements, whither that be cost, quality, amenities, and/or construction style.
  9. Elm Creek Local

    Big Bite vs. Custom Cottages

    I own a Big Bite and love it! Same comments as above, you won't regret buying one.
  10. Elm Creek Local

    Exploratory Committee RE: 2016 Build

    I'm new to the wheelhouse game(1 weekend on the ice & a summer worth of camping), but have been doing research for 2 years prior to making the build vs. buy decision and ended up going with a 8x16 Big Bite, below are my 2 cents..you have the obvious covered. Interior Finish: Cedar paneling; it is looks nice, smells excellent, helps with insects/critters, and most importantly lightweight! Secondly, limit the amount of floor to ceiling cabinets, as they make the space seem smaller. Integrated 12 volt cooler/fridge that can be powered by shore or vehicle during the tow. Furnace: Use a ducting system that locates your furnace unit in the center of the house, then strategically place the ducts in front of the door, middle of the house, and one blowing to the rear. Your rubber floor will be dry in 15 minutes.(see picture) Sink: I built a sink system in mine that uses a typical 12 volt RV water pump with a simple bucket system and can run dry so when it freezes I don't have worry about anything failing. It has been working well so far this past summer and after the first ice trip. I could have executed the idea a little better, but you get the idea. (see picture) Electric Bed: Every wheelhouse should have a full size bunk that actuates up and down, like what the big name brands are doing. I hate breaking down the table before going to sleep. Out of the Box Ideas.: 8" catch covers, I don't think there is anything like this on the market today, but it sure would be nice to have a catch cover take up less floor space...depending on if you fish with a 10" auger. Under floor heat: I know it has been done and would be a neat, but not sure if its practical. Dual stacked TVs on the wall: underwater camera and the game playing at the same time. Auto jigger: integrate the power and flush mount on the wall. Well...that was fun, I'll be tuned into the build!
  11. Thanks! Its an awesome sled for portable fishing, but doesn't get enough use from me.
  12. Sled has 350 miles, in excellent condition. Call (218) 242-1689. Asking $5500 OBO. Located in Roseau, MN
  13. Elm Creek Local

    Big bite fish house

    Quality is one of the best, but you pay a little extra for it. I get lots of compliments on the quality finish and cedar interior. Glad I went this route rather than an some of the other brands. Bought it this spring and have been camping about 5 times. If you have any specific questions let me know.