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  1. what was that white cotton candy looking one? I've seen those before...
  2. derbier122x

    Spring Babies?

    Technically a summer solstice baby. Sabrina Ann born 6/21
  3. derbier122x

    Twins Hot Stove talk

    Yep. We better fire the entire coaching and front office staff. Also release the entire team and hire a highschool to play in twins uniforms. Cut them some slack man. Nobody expected playoffs preseason, so the fact they have some chemistry is a good place to build for the future.
  4. derbier122x

    Birdies from today

    I love seeing the baby woodies.
  5. derbier122x

    Nice story

    Any updates?
  6. derbier122x

    Building up a seasonally wet trail

    Any updates or photos of this yet?
  7. derbier122x

    planted some turtles in the garden

    Let me know how the painted turtle thing goes. If they hatch and stick around a while, I may want to get a couple from you for my kids. The were begging for a turtle at petsmart (they call it the zoo) the other day. Jameson, good luck with the snappers.
  8. derbier122x

    When is a limit a limit??

    Possibly so nobody can use the excuse of I just caught one and am going to release this one if they are caught over the limit. Or could also just be due to the "reduced to limit" language as then you technically are one over the limit for a brief time???
  9. derbier122x

    2014 F150

    Most shops will work on aluminum bodied cars. It is simply finding a quality shop to fix your truck (hopefully never need to). Tig welders and spool guns have become way more common nowadays, as well as hug advances in adhesives over the past few years. You should be fine going to any reputable shop. As far as galvanized, as mentioned, most body panels have already had the dipping process done for billions of years. (ok, so a slight exaggeration) Park it outside in the winter or keep the garage below freezing will be the best bet to minimize the inevitable corrosion. Keeping it clean is also a huge factor. Good luck with your new truck!!
  10. derbier122x

    Best sinker in fast current

    15 lb boat anchor. For real though. I've been hearing a lot of good things about the no rolls.
  11. derbier122x

    Can't get on FM?

    Ahh, so the url got updated...
  12. derbier122x

    Walleye snells

    Not to hijack, but what is a slow death hook?
  13. derbier122x

    22lr explosion

    Wow. You ok? That kind of thing can be Uber dangerous.
  14. derbier122x

    Garage Floor Coatings

    I would think it would last if you prepped the surface well enough.
  15. derbier122x

    Ice Castle Thermostat

    Sounds like a great idea. Can you repost a link that is working please so I can check it out?