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  1. Congrats to my hunting pardner of the year. Jodi Schutz of Oronco MN!
  2. Tina....i think Sharon emailed your mom last week? Seeya soon...
  3. The wife (Sharon)(Fry Momma) says tell Ryan Hey! She works Grand Rapids (Cutfoot Hachtery) and is also in WAM as is our daughter. I do the weigh in for WAM. See ya at Osakis! Say Hi if ya get the chance.
  4. For Sale: SOLD! Used but in good condition Frabill fish house seat. MMS material. 360 swivel with Push & Twist lockdown mechanism. Sorry, i am not sure which houses this was made for. XLTwin or ?. Holes formed in base for a pole and 2 beers? I believe it was never used. Is a little dusty from sitting in garage. It has a metal clamp to fit a rail (Glide Track?) on the front and a seperate piece that fits under the back fitted together with two knob to socket fitting. Can be picked up at Squaw Lake/Max, MN or will arange shipping at your expense. Please email for pictures. A great bargain as the first $26 takes it to the lake! email: [email protected] 218-659-4542 218-259-1634
  5. You should join Women Anglers of Minnesota! They had their annual tournament in Park Rapids several times and will again in a couple years. http://www.(Contact Us Please).com/
  6. Tebassco

    BPS Reels

    I have 3 Extremes and find them very hard to beat for price and use. Last one being the new 7:1 got on sale when it first came out for $50. What a deal.
  7. Here is the best guide and personality on the Stick Marsh. Imagination Bassin Guide Services -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- George & Scott Welcome offer "Guided" bass fishing trips on Florida's famous Stick Marsh/Farm 13. These waters are the best in the world and offer an outstanding opportunity for that "BASS" of a lifetime. Being a “fishing guide” is a labor of love as well as a business. I have been fishing for bass for over 40 years. My journey during this time has taken me through all aspects of this sport to include giving seminars, tournament fishing, and guiding. Scott has been fishing for bass for over 25 years and has been involved in guiding and giving seminars for the last 10. When we take you fishing it is our objective to put you on fish in such areas of the lake that your chances for both numbers and quality are greatly enhanced. Our "Customer Pledge" is that we will work to make this the best possible trip that you can take. We are bass “fishing guides”, not "charter boats"! Good Luck!
  8. You are only 38 and have to ride in something like that to hunt!? Use your feet ....the deer do!!!
  9. Fluker: I have fished that area several times and helped with the WAM tournaments there. There are some very nice fish there. The fish here are now up shallow after the ciscoes that have come shallow.
  10. Anytime before freezeup? Right here at home. These were caught yesterday. http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l214/Tebassco/DSC00203.jpg http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l214/Tebassco/DSC00206.jpg
  11. My vote for Florida. Try this HSOforum. You can't go wrong with these guys. http://www.imaginationbassin.com/
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