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  1. Maybe too late but last year I bought a Husqvarna TS 348XD. This thing is great. It is on the "Lawn Tractor" border line between Lawn Tractor and a Garden Tractor. It is really well built and gets good traction with the lock up differential. Bill
  2. Any good resorts on Devils lake?
  3. In July, 2014 I want to take my dad on a fishing trip. For years we used to go to Canada up by Ear Falls (Lac Seul) because we like to walleye fish. I think when we first started going the limit was 6 that we could take home then dropped to 3.. Anyhow, that's a long way to go for 3 fish (to take home). I know there is more to the trip than what you catch but I also know I am driving past a lot of great walleye fishing right here in the US. I got bit by the archery bug and bowhunting back in 1995 so my big fishing trips were replaced with remote bowhunting trips. My dad took me fishing all the time when I was younger. I am 54 now and he is 75. While we have the time and our health it's time for me to pay him back. I have always wanted to fish Lake in the Woods and Kabetogama. For this trip I am thinking about one of these lakes. Which would you choose? I see a LOT of resorts on Kab for the size. I am a bit worried in July when we can go, that Kab might be over crowded with boats. Still I like all the islands on Kab and like I said I have always wanted to try Kab. A friend of mine is recommending a place on Lake in the Woods in Williams, MN on Big Traverse Bay. He says not so many islands in this area but still good walleye fishing. I have always heard good things about Lake in the Woods so this is also a place I think we should strongly consider. Years ago we fished Leech Lake in MN, that was nice but I was young and not as experienced so it never produced walleye like Lac Seul did for me. I am guessing there are better places in MN and that is why I am looking around. So, between Kab and LW which would you pick? Are my concerns about Kab warranted? We have our own boat. Its a deep V Smoker Craft Big Fisherman. It's 16' with a 40HP Force. I have had it in some choppy water (not that I like that, ha) so it does pretty good. Anyhow, just thought I would mention that because it is better than many typical camp rentals. I appreciate any other recommendations too. Thanks, Bill
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