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  1. Yes, I think the floor dries faster and it does seem warmer but to be honest it's all somewhat relative. I bought it Last January and with all the snow I had limited time to use it before I had it spray foamed in August. I am a little more confident to set the house directly on the ice but again there was little or no snow to bank, yet I had zero problems. I am sure that it's better sprayed than not but have little before vs after to compare to.
  2. I don't know, I paid $500 to spray the bottom of the floor on my 8 x 20 Salem. They jacked it up on stands, cleaned the bottom including grease from the pivots, spray foamed it and did a great job in cleaning up the holes. Typical prices range from $1.50 - $2.00/square foot so for 160 Sq Ft with maybe 3 - 4 hours of work, $500 seemed reasonable. I also used a guy that had done many wheel houses of my type and seemed to understand what was important rather than simply using the lowest bidder.
  3. So, what if I am not spearing? Every underwater camera I have owned has/had a light in the camera head for underwater illumination and I've never been told that I cannot turn the light on.
  4. Been there done that. After all the messing around I just bought a 2 way aerator pump:http://www.amazon.com/Marine-Metal-Bubbles-Water-Resistant/dp/B002QFXUDG/ref=pd_sim_sg_6?ie=UTF8&refRID=12K8Z96QA6WF6FJ01EDB It's very quiet, comes with a 12V adaptor and will run almost 3 days on 2 D cells, and probably the same price after you get done trying to get it to work.. I bought this to replace my aerator pump that came with my Engel minnow bucket. No more spilled water but the pump it cam with was noisy and only lasted a year.
  5. I can't tell you why the bulb isn't working, maybe the socket isn't as tight as it needs to be. Looking at your fixture however I would recommend this bulb as 100% of the LEDs face down. I have the same with the bayonet type mounting and they work great. I got these for a friend who has the same 1141 type base and they work as well.
  6. Simple! Get a portable 5 gallon camping toilet like this: http://www.cabelas.com/product/LUGGABLE-...5386&rid=20 Then using a good strong reinforced 13 gallon plastic garbage bag with drawstrings like this: http://www.target.com/p/up-up-vanilla-scent-flex-fit-tall-kitchen-drawstring-bags-13-gal-120-ct/-/A-14738966?lnk=Rec|pdp|viewed_viewed|pdpv1 Line the pail with the bag then pour a couple of pounds of cat litter in the bottom and voila. When your done, draw the string tight, shake the bag, twist the top tight to tie a knot and set it outside. Works sweet and when you go simply put what bags you have in one bag and it's just another bag of garbage.
  7. On my second winter with a 2013 8 x 20RD. Bought it used last January and was like new when I got it. Electric jacks are nice but slow. Had my floor spray foamed this summer, seems to help. Front Jack and tailgate issue isn't too bad but I'm looking at making a bracket to move it back, but you get used to dealing with it. Upgraded to 2 30# propane tanks. I agree with everything Gus states and the hole positions verses where you sit is a big deal as check out most others, they are right at the base of the seating areas. I removed the couch to get to the compartment and added a door underneath the right side for extra storage, works great. Also put a battery switch near the convertor and added a trolling motor plug as well to plug in my electric Big Foot Auger. Switched all my lights to LED 240 lumen bulbs, 1/6 the power needed. Bought memory foam pads for the beds, much better sleeping. I have no problems towing at 65, I run a 2014 1/2 ton Sierra. I had to put a 4 inch rise on the ball mount to get it level. I wish they would have used stainless screws for the diamond plate as a number of them are rusting from the salt. If mine were new I'd replace the front ones if possible. The new 2 battery compartment is nice but I've never needed extra power yet. Mine came with a microwave and although it's nice I don't use it very often except in the summer when it doubles as my mini Man Cave. They are pre-wired for air conditioning and I have a unit sitting in the shed, waiting for warmer weather. I would definitely buy another one as most people who see it are impressed. If you are buying I would look at what options are available and talk to other owners to see what is available from the factory.
  8. When I caught a 42 inch northern on Mille Lacs in December of 1994 there weren't too many options and I went with Artistic Anglers in Duluth. One of the questions was "where did you catch it?" as they explained that they could match the coloring of the location it was caught. Interesting as it was tagged so I engraved the number in my minnow bucket and sent it in to the DNR. I have the certificate framed under the mount and you post made me realize it was over 20 years ago. Time flies but a great way to remember.
  9. Nothing like WD (Water Displacement) 40 for good lock care
  10. Gus, It won't take a load off your generator unless your battery is fully discharged and you have everything on. 13.2V x 55A = 726 watts, so even if you were utilizing everything it's still less than 1/2 the power available from your generator. More than likely with a 80% charged battery, some lights, and your furnace running it's probably no more than 150 watts of power which is very light for your Honda. I've had trouble starting my generator in cold, sub zero weather however I've learned to just bring it in the house and even with just the warm air inside and not letting it sit a while, she starts on the 2nd pull every time.
  11. Gus, One thing that might help is moving up in size on the current battery. You say that it's a series 24 which is the smallest of the practical deep cycle sizes. Moving to a series 27 will increase your reserve capacity by about 20%. There is a valid concern regarding draw down on setup as each jack takes about 25 amps and runs for about 3 minutes or so each. Leaving it plugged into the truck and leaving the truck running while set up and drilling will definitely help supplement the power needed but not all of it but realistically if you do run a generator or keep it hooked to the truck for a while after you are set, either will top off your battery. I too have a Big Volt 10" auger but as stated, I just leave the generator running so I really, other than the time my generator shut off sometime in the night but the battery kept going, I have enjoyed good power. I did a couple of things to the electrical system, which is under my sofa. First, there was a 1/2 volt drop in the wiring between the battery voltage and the voltage at the converter. This is a lot of power. I ran a 6 ga wire from my positive terminal at the converter to the load end of the 50 amp thermal fuse that is in series with the trailer circuit (to prevent any short from starting a fire). That put the battery and converter voltage under load the same. I noticed the fan speed increased as it should have. Secondly I put a marine battery shut off switch in series with the battery side of the thermal fuse, Battery to switch to fuse. I too would have issues with the battery draining while gone. Now instead of unhooking the battery before I leave it in storage I simply turn the switch. It's mounted through the wood panel under the sofa and looks like it should be there. I also used a Ranger type trolling motor plug and mounted it in the same area then used the male end on my Big Volt, now I just plug it in. As far as wear and tear on my Honda, do a search and you'll find many claims of over 10,000 hours on a E2000i. At about 400 hours a year, I'll be colder than it will be by the time it dies! Now it's just gas and we all know where that is today, I saw $1.79/gallon.
  12. I have a Salem and there are a couple of things to consider. First of all why not run the generator all night? I have a Honda that runs all night at a basic idle and uses very little gas and with the Berg system I get over 72 hours of continuous run time with no worries. I have over 10 nights this year in it without any major issues. Second, you could simply put a second battery in a box outside and hook up a male 7 pin trailer connector to the Power and Ground terminals and it will be in parallel with your existing battery when you plug the standard trailer connector into it. Although not a permanent solution, it's no different than having a generator plugged in. The third is I noticed that the new 2015 Salem's appear to have a larger battery box, enough for 2 batteries. Maybe you can check this out and have the larger box installed relatively easy. I believe the converter will handle both batteries but it would be good to verify. Also I put LED's in the lights vs the standard incandescents. The standard bulbs take 3 amps of current per fixture while the 240 lumen LEDs that simply plug into the existing fixture take 0.38 Amps, a huge difference.
  13. It's ok to keep it hooked up but you should add up the power needed to run the lights and furnace. My friend has a onboard charger but his batteries kept discharging. His was a 6 Amp charger but adding the batteries and lights, it was taking over 10 amps of current. I suggest a 25 amp converter/charger, enough current to supply the house while plugged in and enough to keep the battery charged when you really need it. Your batteries will not freeze if fully charged and maintained providing there is no load.
  14. I keep mine in a small Plastic sled, large enough to hold the Berg remote tank and the generator. Usually keep it in the bed of the truck and have a tonneau cover. Point the truck into the wind, have the generator sitting in the sled which is pulled out to the tailgate, no problems. A week ago I had mine stop sometime in the middle of the night and it was -14. I thought about the cold weather kit but I do run Non-oxygenated fuel and a friend suggested I add fuel antifreeze, isopropanol. Had a bottle with me and added it to both the tank and the aux and it ran great the next 36 hours even with the snow blowing hard.
  15. I agree with your assessment. Was on Red on Monday at -14. On Saturday I set the house on the ice and no problems (it was warmer however) but moved Monday and put it on 4 x 4's thinking it might be better, my mistake. Ice was cold and was encroaching my 10" holes which were 7 inches by Tuesday morning. Best defense would have been to first, set the house on the ice drilling the holes first and set it before cleaning to seal and second, what worked good was to have my small fan blowing air towards the hole. I needed a couple more fans!
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