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  1. For a good St. Croix rod, I'd look at the Avid series. It's designed for bigger pannies and walleye. The Mojo ice rod is also nice. I've got a 28" medium one that works well on all walleye applications. If you want a really good Croix rod, look at the CCI lineup. I've got the 28" Perch/Eye spoon model. For sensitivity, I don't think I have a more sensitive one. Feels every nick and solid backbone to drive hooks home. I pair most of my rods with either Jason Mitchell ones or the ICX-5 reel from Piscifun that came out last season. Both are great quality reels.
  2. Give Glacial Lakes Outdoors a look. They're based out of South Dakota and make probably one of the most sensitive rods on the market. I have a few of their models which are built to my specifications and are extremely high quality. The W3 is my favorite pannie rod that they make. This year, they also debuted a new rod that has more of a spring bobber-like tip, kind of like the Ticklestick, but better quality. Give them a holler.
  3. Clam Drop Kick jig has been my favorite go-to panfish jig for a few years now. Even caught a couple of lake trout on it. For walleyes, tough to beat a Northland Buckshot spoon or the Lindy Rattlin Flyer spoon
  4. Scott O.


    No problem rl_sd. Most brands these days have good plastics. It's all about confidence. But yeah, Maki, J and S, and Panfish Plastics are my favs. Look for them in the stores, though J and S is a smaller outfit and may need to check out 8mybait.com to buy them, but it's worth it to have a few of his plastics in your arsenal. Red, pink, and chartreuse are my favorite plastics colors.
  5. Scott O.


    I'm a huge user of plastics myself. I switched over to using plastics a few years ago and now I use them on about 95% of my time on the ice. I'd recommend taking a look at Clam's Maki plastics line-up. The Jamei and Bloodi have been excellent perch plastics for me. I've also had luck with Northland's Impulse Water Flea and J and S Custom Jigs plastics. The GoJo and back half of the Versamite are great on perch. Also look at the Chigger Fry from Panfish Plastics. These are all good choices to look at. Biggest thing with plastics is to have confidence in them. Get on a hot bite and swit
  6. Scott O.

    First Ice

    Third time on ice this season
  7. I purchased the FLX-28 last season after using the 18 for several years and wow, what a night and day difference! I really enjoy the auto depth range feature and digital depth readout. No more taking time to guess the depth! Weed mode rocks in shallow water weeds when I'm looking for 'gills. The two zoom zones are great especially for suspended crappies when the 6 foot bottom zoom isn't enough. Now the bottom 12 feet is there. Great battery life and it's much quieter than the 18. Color customization is nice (I have it on palette 3) and I don't have any interference from any other flashe
  8. Scott O.

    First Ice

    Agreed. May be on ice this Thursday morning here in the Black Hills!
  9. I've been using the Eagle Claw inline for 4 seasons now and it's always been a good cheaper option. Never had a real problem with it. For all the drag issues I hear about it, it didn't let me down at all when I hooked into a 27" lake trout while fishing for rainbows last season. On that note, I was able to try 13's 6061 reel for a bit last season and that sucker is so freaking smooth that I'm going to get one this season. If don't want to spend $80 on a top-of-the-line inline like 13 Fishing, the Eagle Claw works just fine at $30.
  10. I've been using Clam rods for a number of years now and they've always been probably the best store rods I've used when compared to Frabills and such. The ultralights are always so responsive and have held up great with larger fish. Built in spring bobbers are nice on some of the lighter models. St. Croix Avid Glass rods are also nice rods for pannies and noodley tip is great for bite detection and also makes it easier for cadence jigging with small jigs/plastics. I've gotten into higher end, custom rods as well. Bricker makes a great rod for sure and I have a few customs from him. Glaci
  11. Very cool. There are bald eagles on one of our lakes here in the Black Hills that come flying around whenever they hear gas augers going. I've seen them sit in a tree just waiting for a spare fish to be missed on the ice or they've landed on the ice within 50 feet of us and I've walked a trout out to them within 15 feet, put it on the ice, then they take off, fly very close around me, then grab it and go. Very cool indeed.
  12. I've dipped my hands into many holes wearing my Ice Armor Extreme gloves and my hands have stayed dry. The regular Ice Armor gloves are water resistant for the most part, but dunking them down a hole and your hands get a bit soggy. Try the Extremes out. They're warmer than the regular IA gloves and will keep ya dry.
  13. A red Drop Kick paired with a red Maki Jamei has been a killer pannie and trout combination for two seasons now
  14. Just picked up my first Avid Glass this season. I really like the noodley tip. It isn't the loosest tip, but I have great control over jigs and small spoons with it and I see the light biters pretty easily. Good choice if you're looking at it.
  15. I use Maki plastics from Clam as well as J and S Custom Jigs plastics. The Maki Jamei and Jamei XL are probably my favorites in the bunch, though the new Bloodi should be a killer for perch this season. From J and S, the VersaMite is a great all-around plastic and can be customized to however you are fishing. The IceMite and GoJo are also quite good. And you won't find a more accurate maggot replica than their LarvaMite plastic. Check 'em out at 8mybait.com if you're interested.
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