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  1. Seabassoutdoors

    Big Pike on Deep Trees

    Had fun Getting a good one on a Tree. What do you think of the video?
  2. Man that was a Wicked day....even if I crashed my drone lol
  3. We went down to fish a tournemant in alabama and made a stop on chickamauga. I still bug him to this day.
  4. Seabassoutdoors


    I was very skeptical of them at first until I decided to use them for a full day. At the end of the season I could go out and catch good fish.
  5. Seabassoutdoors

    Bowfin / Dogfish sight fishing

    Sick man wow
  6. Seabassoutdoors

    How to load your boat like a boss

    This kid does it better then us lol ahah
  7. This is my favorite way to cook fish. Have you tried it before?
  8. Me and my friend snuck the kitty into a small kettle lake. Unpressured fish and we didn't know what was in the lake. So the suprises were good and we caught some good ones.
  9. Seabassoutdoors

    Bowfin / Dogfish sight fishing

    Hi all, I was lucky to get out this weekend up my way and do some sight fishing. What a blast! check it out.
  10. Let me know what you guys think
  11. Seabassoutdoors

    Giant Smallmouth On Video!!!

    Thanks guys. Sorry I could reply to everyones message. Bait should be unveiled shortly
  12. Seabassoutdoors

    Lake Trout Report Video

    Hey, It's a swimbait I hand pour myself. I use the freedom tackle jig head that's just awesome it allows the bait to move much better.
  13. Seabassoutdoors

    Lake Trout Report Video

    Hey Buddy! Hooking lakers in the winter is fairly easy once you understand how lakers behave. Trouts are super curious and lakers are even more curious. Like any curious creature...if you put it right in the face or too close it wont pick their Most of the time I jig 30-40 off bottom trying to make them come up....if they rise to see my bait I try to reel away fast and aggressive so they don't get a good look. If you get her to chase's more then likely gonna smash your bait... Any swimbait works...lot of guys here use little 4 inch swimbaits lol...they eat 15-17inches hearing I use musky swimbaits lol