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  1. They should be just fine.
  2. I would open them, re-heat the sauce, and then re-can. With 2 Tbls lemon juice per. Better safe than sorry.
  3. My hubby likes to fish for musky. He always uses bait casters, He bought this spinning rod for me ..... hoping I'd catch the bug too. I used it twice ..... and made enough casts with giant lures to convince me I'll stick to bass and walleye. Now it's just one more thing I have to dust. guareenteed to be as good as new $80
  4. DrJill

    Best variety of roma tomatos ?

    Thanks guys. Good info. I think we'll try 4 each of Opalka, Amish Paste, San Marzano and Mariana Hybrid. i'll post again on how the hybrids do in re disease resistance.
  5. DrJill

    Earliest Ever

    Peas and onions are a couple inches tall. Raspberries are forming the blossoms ... which really surprised me.
  6. We're going to prep a new bed this weekend and devote it exclusively to roma tomatos for canning. We've tried a few in the past but it's not a plant we've had alot of success with. Any thoughts from the resident green thumbs as to the best variety ? Disease has always been the problem in the past. For that reason, we're currently leaning towards a hybrid named "Mariana". 74 days, VFFNA
  7. DrJill

    Share good music

    Let's try this again .... The female guitarist is only 19 years old. Making her first appearance with Prince. Her she is again.
  8. DrJill

    Share good music

    Sinead O'Connor didn't do it like this.
  9. DrJill

    Share good music

    Incredible 13 and half minute version of Purple Rain. Live at First Avenue.
  10. DrJill

    Bday ideas for the Mrs.

    The 90% off rack ? Good Lord man !!!! Have some smelling salts handy when she opens it. Poor woman might faint. All her friends are going to hear about this gift. Prepare to be a SuperStar. And a shining example to others ... "Why can't you be more like Moon Lake ?"
  11. DrJill

    Bday ideas for the Mrs.

    I like this one http://www.stonemountainhandbags.com/wallets/ludlow-large-tri-fold-wallet And this is nice too. Bi-folds are simplier. Zip top is more secure. Zippered coin purse is a nice feature. Smooth leather matches the bag. And ,,,, it holds more credit cards. Maybe a better choice. http://www.stonemountainhandbags.com/wallets/nubuck-large-zip-around-wallet I'd be happy with either.
  12. DrJill

    Bday ideas for the Mrs.

    Yeah well .... you probably weren't buying items off the top shelf in the past were you ? More likely the discount bin. And that ain't working. Think of it this way ..... this isn't a Zebco, it's a top of the line St Croix. You can't go wrong gifting a St Croix, can you ? SHE WILL LOVE IT. And it's becoming more and more clear, she deserves it. Let us know how it works out, i.e. how awesome it was. Your welcome.
  13. DrJill

    Bday ideas for the Mrs.

    Boys, boys, boys ...... listen up now. Forget the arts and crafts stuff. 2 kids, including a newborn ? ... no time !!! Chocolate is for Valentines Day. A "making her life easier camping" gift ? ... Bah Humbug, NewsFlash ... you should be doing that anyways, and not as a "gift" For heavens sake, don't get her anything to do with your hobbies, ie fishing, etc. Most woman aren't comfortable with another doing their housework. Would much rather simply have YOU pitching in more. Falls into the "that's a gift for you" catagory. So ... here's my recomendation. It's practical. It's attractive. It's stylish. It's a classic. It's American made. It's a quality product thru and thru. She'll use it every single day. Every woman wants one. Every woman needs one. But .... and this is big .... it's something a budget conscious woman with a young family is likely to be hesitant to buy for herself. Because it would seem selfish. It's a gift that says "This is just for you. You deserve it. And I put some thought into it." And here's a nice little bonus .... 2-3 years from now, you can gift her a new one. http://www.stonemountainhandbags.com/hampton/hampton-multicompartment-hobo It will set you back 140 bucks. 10% discount for 1st time customers makes it 126. Free shipping. If your budget allows you to go alittle extra, get a matching wallet. I promise you, she'll LOVE IT !!!!!!! PS ... you can't go wrong with black as your color choice.
  14. DrJill

    Rotator cuff and shoulder problems

    Very true. Heavy draw bows can impact / compress the c4 thru c7 vertabrae. The resulting pain mimics rotar cuff tears.