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  1. had a small offer... but would LOVE for a fisherman to take this. Amazing Crappies & Sunfish bigger than you've ever caught
  2. $235k amazing spot. did you get ahold of me on email/text? ive had a few, cant keep track. the Fishing alone makes this worth it!
  3. Dead Lake (perham) & Private 40 acre lake in back. 700 FT of shoreline on 2 lakes with 1 house, Fantastic Spot!! 2 Bed , 1 bath with full basement, attached & detached garage. (siding,roofing, windows new within 5 years) AMAZING FISHING. if you come view the house, ill show you pics that will blow your mind. Beautiful private lake, enjoy a slice of heaven email [email protected] for video & to ask questions. I am selling it myself, no realtors!
  4. I'm including an additional 24 x 14 detached garage as well. I have an offer but would rather get a check upfront!
  5. 46 x 26 1100 sq feet with garage. 2 bed 1 bath. Updated 2010 with siding windows and roofing. Perfect cabin for your lake lot. Email [email protected] for more info. Here's the listing. Asking $15,000 firm. Come move this house!!
  6. BisoNation

    Deadliest Catch: Season 10

    staged for sure i agree
  7. BisoNation

    Deadliest Catch: Season 10

    and why didnt the "fischer" dude just politely say "eliot, the government guys said they needed it moved for the offload and i was the only 1 here, maybe you shouldnt of left a new-bie back" That plus his little fight seemed so stupid, like be a 40 year old man and talk it out. These people are complete morons up there. Oh and Jake Anderson is such a whiny lil b word.
  8. BisoNation

    Go Bison!

    What an amazing run of 3 years and guess what. with 7 defensive starters and 1200 yard RB and 1000 yard WR back, NDSU will be great again this year. NDSU recruiting wrapped up with 6-7 FBS offerred kids.
  9. BisoNation

    Go Bison!

    NDSU is 43-2 winning 23 straight!! on way to 3rd national championship. over 15,000 ndsu fans will travel to texas. Why NDSU isnt FBS is beyond me, Mountain West & MAC refuse to offer them invites because NDSU would walk in and be top 1-2 right away.