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  1. Thanks for the info. I went ahead and got 10 Northstar jigs to try out, seems like they are a standard on the site here so if that many people like em might as well give em a try. Thanks again for the responses.
  2. Hey guys, I am just wondering what everybody uses for jigs in grass. I live in the metro so fishing lakes around prior lake for the most part, and tonka and waconia a lot this year for the club and getting ready for state next year. Looking to start using jigs more again this year as i have gotten away from them recently for other techniques and need to start fishing them more. What brand and what style head is your favorite for fishing both deep grass (milfoil and cabbage mostly) and shallower thick milfoil? Thanks for the responses!
  3. Yeah no problem, I figured i would go with my normal seagaur and let them be the guinea pigs for the new line haha. I will be buying some of that gander braid though, that stuff is nice for spinning gear.
  4. The gander floro is no good. Was down at table rock this past weekend and a couple of buddies bought it to try and and ended up taking it off and respooling after the first day as it frayed badly broke on them quite a few times. Also have a friend that works at gander corp and told me the line is nowhere near any of sunlines good stuff. The braid they have i will say is nice, feels and acts just like sunline sx braid, i use all sx on my spinning gear and they tried the gander braid, couldnt tell the difference. Would stay away from the floro though.
  5. one thing with spinning reels and braid i personally like the thinnest diam i can find, just seems to come off the reel better
  6. I just went over to all braid this year on my spinning gear and it is awesome. I use strictly 10lb PP, just havent found anything else i like better. I run either an 8 or 10lb floro leader, have the knot between the reel and first guide while the lure is in position to cast. That reduces the slap it will have when casting and make it less prone to breaking. Honestly the only time i have broken at the knot is when i am purposely trying to break my line if im stuck on a rock/wood/etc. I will honestly never go back to having either straight mono or floro on spinning gear. Much better hookup ratio, and seems like i lost a lot less fish this year without the extra stretch in there, or at least thats how my mind thinks (whatever gives you confidence).
  7. I have had an exo since they came out. I have my inner brakes set to the second shortest mark on the dial. Then its is just fine tuning depending on the lure choice at the time with the spool tension knob. Now I use mine for 3/8-1/2oz plastics, so usually im doing shorter pitches for the most part, but when I do need to cast it out it casts just as well or better than any other reel I own (lews, shimano curado's & chronarchs, abu revos, daiwa zillions & ballistics). There is a perfect setting with it, you just gotta go through the fun part of making a cast, opening the side plate and adjusting the dial, then repeating, until you get it set. I would also tighten the spool tension down to where the lure just starts to barely fall (I'm sure you have done this) and then go to town on finding the right setting on the braking system. Once you do find that spot on the dial then you can start to back off the tension knob little by little to let you get more distance.
  8. i bought the Fenwick HMG this winter 7' MH, had it out a few times this year on the river and it is an awesome rod. Still holding at the $100 for those and i think well worth the upgrade from the HMX. The HMG is a much better rod for not much more.
  9. The Daiwa Ballistic is an awesome reel for $110 on TW. I have two of them both in the 8:1 ratio, very smooth and super easy to cast with the t wing system, I have the lews speed spool as well but it isn't the reel the Daiwa is. They have the ballistic in 8:1, 7:1, an d 6:1.
  10. I picked one up from TW this winter, the 7'2" MH. The rod is quite light weight wise, I have a quantum exo 100 on there and it is balanced very well. I am throwing swim jigs on mine, tip is "soft" so I can whip the 1/4 oz jigs out a ways, but does have good backbone, so could be used for a variety of techniques. It is to my surprise pretty sensitive (got it out to the river to test it out). The one thing that takes s little getting used to is the grip, it's thicker than most other rods I've used, but is very comfortable. If you don't mind not having warranty it is a solid deal.
  11. The Daiwa Ballistic is an awesome reel. I have two in the 8.1:1 ratio.
  12. kstephes033


    I did it a little bit this year, fun technique because the fish absolutely demolish the bait. Thick milfoil alone as well as mixed with pads were my preferred cover types. Just make sure to have a really strong hook (I use the Trokar punching hooks... awesome) along with heavy braid (both 65 & 80 for me) and a rod that is over 7' so you can gain the leverage needed to get them out. As for the reel it is kind of preference at that point, I like to have a 7:1 so I can get that line up and fish out as quick as I can, others will like the lower ratio so they have more power to get them out.
  13. I'm on board writh everyone else as well. 7:1 is the way to go and get those fish up and out of the junk. I use 7:1 for everything except for crankbaits. Make sure to get a reel with a good quality drag too, I would say at least 14lb of drag, but more is better in flipping/frog situations. Depending on how much you want to spend I know the abu Revo sx has 20lb which is what I would go with if you are ok with spending 160.
  14. One thing to keep in mind is the rod you are putting it on too. Balance is something that is overlooked sometimes, but makes a big difference while using a heavier setup all day. Some people don't care much if its balanced or not but see if you can try the reels on the rod at the store to see how it is. Like one of the posts earlier said make sure there is a good enough drag system on it so you don't get stuck having a reel that doesn't have the strength to get them up on a hook set. Last thing I will say is think about gear ratio. I use 7:1 ratios for my flipping so that I can get them up on top of the junk and "ski" them over it. Others will tell you go with a lower ratio such as a 5.4:1 so that it acts more like a winch and you have more power. Comes down to preference then. Food for thought. Ps I love both my quantums (all newer) and abu's.
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