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  1. My ion is perfect for my needs guess that's all I care. Really a guy should have 3 or 4 augers to cover all conditions haha
  2. Wow that replica looks amazing mind saying how much it cost ya?
  3. Keep on em I tried e mail in Nov with no response. When I called someone answered and was very helpful. Sent my camera in and it was fixed and back to me in 5 days, which I thought was pretty good.
  4. 8-12 Inches for central mn what's everyones strategy?
  5. Yep windy as heck but its that time of year im heading out in a bit.
  6. Had a six point come by and a few does this am. Lots of bucks moving over night didn't see much chasing but they were on there feet more than they have been.
  7. Was looking at the clarkfield outdoors HSOforum (from the jack knife sofa thread.)/and they had some on there.
  8. Hasn't mn rebroke the record for non typical archery a couple times in the last few years?
  9. Another vote for reflectix. I used the foil tape they sell with it and is holding well for 3 years. Make sure you cut a slot in the back for the window its a lot darker in the daytime, but very easy to light up at night.
  10. That's the same setup I got. Bdc I'm assuming? Have you shot it yet the 220is awesome. Just shot last weekend with 4" group of 5 at just over 200 yards. Only tried a couple kinds of slugs mine liked rem. Accu tip 3"
  11. If its safety first you will want to go with a vented heater.
  12. Only five more sunsets till I'm in a tree.
  13. Gotta get me one of den fs4's I hear there the ticket for unique water movement
  14. The folding mirror type.Anyone used one? Seems like A good idea and the price is coming down on them a little.
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