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  1. bassfisher123

    Algae stained water tactics

    Black and blue jigs are great
  2. bassfisher123

    Favorite Beavers

    I prefer Dbombs over the other beavers on the market, the action is better
  3. bassfisher123

    Humminbird Helix

    Can one mark waypoints on the GPS portion of the device?
  4. bassfisher123

    Strikemaster Electra ice auger issues

    Hello, So my Strikemaster Electra ice auger is having some issues when it reaches the bottom of the hole. The auger works like a charm until it reaches almost to the bottom, then it stops cutting and it just pulls my arms all over the place. Like it rips and pulls, but will not quite get through. The auger is relatively new (3 years) and I have taken great care of it, Has anyone else had this issue with the auger Any tips to fix this, Thanks
  5. bassfisher123

    New Lures

    What are some of the new lures for this up coming bass fishing season? thanks
  6. bassfisher123

    Small Bowfin?

    Look in the shallows, like 2-6 feet of water in shallow bays
  7. bassfisher123

    Mid-Late Fall Bass fishing

    Hello, So I've really never fished past mid September. Do you guys have any advice on where to find largemouth and smallmouth bass. Also lures to use to. Thanks
  8. bassfisher123

    Treble Hooks

    Thank you for the information !
  9. bassfisher123

    Treble Hooks

    Hi, I'm thinking about switching my treble hooks on my crankbaits, which ones should I use?
  10. bassfisher123

    What worked? What did not? 2013

    A 4 or 5 inch senko texas rigged with a 1/4 ounce bullet weight worked for me 90% of the time
  11. bassfisher123

    good ole dare devil

    yesterday went out fished deep weeds with the dare devil caught 5 pike in 15 minutes all together 15 pike. biggest 30 inches. winds were light great day to be out on the water
  12. bassfisher123

    pike stratagies for fall

    Try a dare devil on the outer weeds the pike are generally going to be bigger the deeper you go, but trolling a crank bait can work for the shallow weeds
  13. bassfisher123

    Catfish on Big Kandi

    There is a low number of nice size ones I won't fish that lake purely for cats, if you want a great body of water go to mn river lots of catfish or the crow river has a little bit more but smaller sizes
  14. bassfisher123

    pike lures

    start with a daredevil or a rapala
  15. bassfisher123

    Stained Water Smallies

    KVD square bill crank bait 1.5 from strike king, 5 inch gander Mtn. trick stick in black, or a very bright spinnerbait