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  1. Thanks guys. Yea it was memorable day for sure. Me and the bearded fellow in the pics brought Mr. Genz and his nephew out to this same lake about 2 years ago now. It was early ice also and we had a similar experience! That was one to remember also. Got to bring a true pioneer of the ice fishing world out for a day of fishing and literally slayed the fish with him! That lake has made life long memories for us and hopefully will have more to come with us recycling pretty much all of the fish we caught out there. With a just a few for the table here and there of course! Can't wait to see more pos
  2. We started out the day at around 7 o clock this morning. Met with a good buddie of mine and geared up for a full day on the ice. We made our way to a small lake we have had great success on in the past few years. With high hopes in mind, we started drilling a bunch of holes in all depths of water. Immediately we started marking fish and catching a few with a bass and crappie mix. We found they were in high numbers in 32 fow and suspended anywhere from 25 to 15 fow. We set the clam six pack in the middle of all the action and continued to drill holes around the fish house. We were then joined b
  3. Yea it was a great day all around! Couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving!! Good food and good friends! The fishing put the icing on the cake for this guy. Good times for sure. With only more to come!! Going to some lakes this weekend that hold some very nice picture-worthy fish so I will be posting on Sunday night again.
  4. The 2013/2014 hard water season has started in my neck of the woods! After gathering with the family for turkey day, 2 good buddies of mine joined me on one of our favorite local lakes for some evening crappie action. Over the years we have got to know this lake good so it didnt take long to find a spot. Walked out and found the edge of our weed bed we normally fish. Cut a few holes in the 6 inches of ice we have, popped up my clam 6 pack, fired up the sunflower and started in!! This lake in particular is an "all day" kind of lake where you can go out any time of the day and catch some panfis
  5. Here's just some pictures I had on my phone SD card. I took the majority of them but a few got sent to me. We had a great ice season this year! A lot of big fish were caught, along with a ton of small one's in huge numbers! Already trying to tweak my gear and looking to upgrade for next year! Don't get me wrong, I love open water fishing! But there's nothing like hard water catching!! With all the new gear that has been put out there for us it has become a blast and we are catching more fish because of it! Thank you to all the fine sponsors on iceteam.com along with countless others!
  6. A local bait business put in some hard work during this years sucker and walleye run to assure great fishing for the future! A record number of eggs were stripped from spawning fish and are on their way to becoming stock for their bait ponds and some are walleye eggs for local lake stocking. GREAT JOB this year boys!! Keep up the good work!!
  7. I hit the ice yesterday with one of my normal fishing buddies and we had a great afternoon!! We ended up on a local lake that we have got to know pretty good these past few years. Things started out a little slow with a few smaller crappies ( 10-12 inchers) and some smaller ( but always fun) large mouth in the mix. After a few minor adjustments to our tactics and some hole jumping we started reeling in the slabs! We figured out they weren't after the same presentation as the weekend before we both switched to a tungsten jig n tipped it with a pink gulp fish fry(vs a spoon loaded w waxies),whic
  8. Still waiting for that report too Jimmy!! Lol haven't saw u around for a while. we gotta hit the ice together before it disappears on us!! Send me a email or pm for a #.
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