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  1. Got out Saturday evening. First time fishing for cats for her and she got most of the fish. One around 6lbs and the other is 15+ easy! Rivers are high right now with strong current so you can imagine the fight it put up. Finding those deeper slacked current areas seemed to hold fish.
  2. Gotta love these giant mn walleyes!! Both fish are over 30". Personal best for both guys. Good job boys!!
  3. First smallie of the year. Got him during a local walleye tourney over the weekend. I forget how these guys fight! He put the eyes we got that day to shame!
  4. Second time out this year and my biggest cat to date. Didn't have my tape or scale with me but, we've caught a few kitty's in our time n we figured 20-25 lbs. Landed 6 cats today and lost 4 others, 2 of which were nice fish. Took 10 + minutes to get her in. Fresh cut bait with a ft long leader and weight to match the current.
  5. A couple from the big pond over the weekend.
  6. Couple more from yesterday. Been getting a few of these toads almost every other time we've been out lately. Had to pick threw a ton of others to get em of course.
  7. Thanks! Those are just a few that made the cut. Plenty of smaller fish caught too! They've been snapping around lately. Good times
  8. Got out during our nice weather we had yesterday. Here's a couple 10's from that outing.
  9. Sorry I don't. Haven't fished that area at all. Bemidji and surrounding areas mostly.
  10. Crappie and gill action is steady in this area! I recently subscribed to your YouTube channel. Looks like you've been getting into them also
  11. Here's a dandy gill from today. 10" bull
  12. Fishing has been good in the Becker/Mahnomen county area. Fishing different weed flats and sudden depth changes. All fish caught on either spikes or waxies on small tungsten jigs. Here's a few pics from the last couple outings.
  13. Here's a dandy 28.5 incher from the mahnomen county area. Caught on a 4inch minnow tip up fishing in about 20 fow
  14. Nice fish boys! Some North woods slabs for sure! Hope to see u guys on the ice soon!
  15. Finally got out over thanksgiving weekend! Fished a couple of my favorite local lakes targeting BIG panfish. Thanksgiving evening was fun with crappies in the 9-12 inch range and in descent numbers. Mostly caught on a jig and gulp. Ok night. Saturday was a different lake and different fish. We really had to work to find these slab crappies and huge gills but they do exist! Sunfish were 6-10.25 inches and crappies were 8-14 inches. A lot of nice fish were caught! All were caught in 25-35 fow over the weekend with a jig and gulp or waxworm/spikes. Great ice in the 7 inch range. Only got a few pi
  16. Got out on some local lakes today with the boys. A lot of work but all in all a good day of fishing. Some quality fish were caught! Along with a lot of smaller ones. Here's a few pics.
  17. The boys got out after work yesterday and slammed a few of these guys. Sunday can't come soon enough! Will be posting Sunday night again
  18. Here's a few from the past few weekends. Fishing has been good and is only gonna get better as our ice slowly fades away. Get out while you can and enjoy some of this great weather we got!
  19. Well..... put on a lot of miles walking and driving. Made 2 sets throughout the day on some pretty promising areas and had no luck. Crazy amount of sign though. Just don't think they were where I wanted them or they spotted me before I spotted them n were gone. Next time!!
  20. I'm on the prowl for some new years day predator action in the becker/mahnomen county area! Gonna locate tracks first and set up in a nearby location and try to call them in with either my electronic call or my hand calls. I got a lot of miles of walking and driving ahead of me.....wish me luck! Will post the report this evening, with hopefully some pictures to go with it!
  21. Great day indeed! I wish I would've got more pictures to share. Next time for sure! Looking forward to the next time out! Should be another post this weekend if the weather holds up
  22. 630 a.m yesterday morning, I geared up for a full day on the ice with a couple of my good buddies for some all day panfish action. We were headed out to a local lake that had high numbers of quality fish of all species. Crappies being our main focus of the day. Started out drilling a bunch of holes in 20+fow and searching for active fish. Immediately we started pulling crappies up then hole with a few nice ones being around that 14" range. With the little weather break we got around here, we thought it would be a good idea to invite a few other friends along. About an hr after we started,
  23. I'm not much of a trapper either. But I know a lot of people that do. I can ask a couple of them for you. I do not like (packs) of coyotes in 1 area. They will demolish your deer pop.! Another way is to hunt them using a distress call to lure them in. I just got into the sport myself. Depending on your distance from me, I'd be more than willing to come help u take out a few! Pm me if you are interested
  24. Ok Jimmy! Here's just a few from last weekend. The original post is on the ice team forum under: early ice in northern Mn. Small lake, big fish! I am hoping to get out today so I might have a few more stories n pictures to share! IT IS COLD ROUND HERE!!
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