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  1. My thoughts excactly.....Kind of off topic. Had a buddy of mine mention adding a few swan decoys to our spread? Is that a big no no? Or does it give the ducks/ geese confidence to land with your decoys? Anyone use them at all? I've watched them on the pond I live on and they sometimes chase other birds away or you'll see them with ducks all around them as calm as can be.
  2. Nice and weird thats the only way you can or could hit birds. If you hunt with me I will not get in a canoe with you if you plan on swinging and shooting out of it. The one time it does happen could very possibly be your last. As most of us on here do, I have kids and a family at home. Not worth it to me when most of the time I'm using watercraft to get to another piece of somewhat dry land to stand on and hunt from. People have their preferences and I have mine.
  3. I DO NOT advise other people to shoot out of a canoe when I'm hunting with people that use them. I personally dont use one much anymore. 2 years ago me and my bro were in one and jumped a huge flock of mallards. We were in deep open water and both shot at the same time sending us both overboard. Temps were low and the water was freezing. Beside the fact we almost drowned, we were faced with almost for sure hypothermia. We some how managed to get to safety and got to shore as quick as we could. Fired up our truck to warm up and look back on what had just happened. Moral of the story is its not worth your life to shoot out of a canoe. Theres a number of bad circumstances that can and will happen as we both grew up using canoes and are experienced while in them. And yes muzzle control is very key when hunting in groups. Know where everyone is and know where your shooting window is before ever pulling the trigger. Very lucky dude!
  4. Sounds like a channel cat fisherman's dream! Nice job!
  5. Usually do the same. I think cutting them in half or pieces helps get the scent out more. What was the biggest in the pictures? They're all very nice fish!
  6. Couple more from Monday night. A 15 and a 16lber being the 2 bigger fish of the night, with a good handful of smaller fish. Bite has been slow but been seeing it pick up more with the cooler weather we've been having. Frogs being the bait of the night. Cant wait to get out there again! stay on the move as the fish are doing the same right now as we transition into cooler weather!
  7. Some pics from the past week n a half. Fishing has been good. Cut sucker or goldeye has been our bait of choice. There was a few groups of us out fishing so some pics aren't very good quality as they were sent to me. Plenty of others that didn't make the cut. Here's the bigger fish
  8. Couple good buddies of mine got this toad out walleye fishing the park earlier this year. The younger guy hooked it but it was a team effort landing it with light walleye tackle. 52" dandy! Caught and released of course! Nice job boys!!
  9. We made the trip to Drayton over the weekend. Fished a few spots we picked out on the way there and ended up at our spot closer to home on Sunday morning. The storm that rolled through after midnight chased out of Drayton. Slow bite Saturday with a handful of fish caught, 2 of which were nice fish. Ended up with a lot of cats in that 5lb range and a few around 10. 18.8 and a 16.5 being the bigger fish. All fish caught on goldeyes. Met some good people and had a blast. We will be making another trip up there before freeze up with a boat. Here's a few pics
  10. Friday morning, bright and early. We geared up and made our way to the Red for our first trip together and first early morning cat adventure of the year. We fished a nice corner with some slacked current and a deep hole out in front of us. The fish were pretty active. I think within the first 5 minutes of being there we were getting stikes and shortly after landed our first cat of the day. Using cut sucker and the few frogs we managed to catch on shore we landed 15 cats in about 5 hrs of fishing. A lot of them being in that 3-5lb range and a good handful of decent fish. The one I'm holding is a nice 15+ and the other 2 are around 10. Fun day to say the least and can't wait to get back out there.
  11. On one of the hottest days I fished so far this summer, the cats decided they were gonna make us work a little to get on a good bite. Tried some different water and it payed off. A variety of cats landed yesterday and a few good fish got away. 2 over 10lbs and quite a few around that 5lb range. Frogs and fresh cutbait worked best. One of the better days we've had this year. The big boys that got away would've been the icing on the cake for this guy but can't catch em all!!
  12. I fish a lot of rivers in my area but the Red river is where most of my cat pics come from.
  13. I feel privileged to have guided my buddy to his first 20# channel cat! Landed with a medium action rod and 10# test. Good job Heis!
  14. 25" 26" 27.5" in the order of the pics. Mine has a tag in it but its hard to see in the pic. Nice day spent on the water. All the fish in the pics still roam this lake as they were returned shortly after smiling for the camera.
  15. Did a little night fishing off a dock last night catching up with a good buddy of mine from CO. Should make for a good family tourney this weekend with the way these fish are acting lately!
  16. Been getting a bunch of these guys lately pre fishing a local walleye tourney. They seem to run with the eyes, where you find walleyes you'll find these guys. I got one last week that was 11". The one my buddy is holding in the solo pic is just shy of 11. DANDY'S!!
  17. Couple smaller ones from last night. Noticed a big drop in size of fish this time out. Nothing over 10 and I think a 4 incher was the smallest? Got three other about this size. Frogs were out so we used some of them. Fun either way
  18. All good points above. There's tons of different rigs for different situations. Get the ones that suit you best and experiment with them.
  19. If you shop online, Bulletweights HSOforum has just about any weight you could imagine if that helps?
  20. Disc or pyramid sinkers work well with that slider rig. I've been using the "no roll" flat sinkers lately. I secure it between 2 swivels and run my snell down from that. Works well also
  21. You guys seemed to do ok but that's what I'm thinking myself. Bite slowed for us south of there a couple hrs with the high water too. Was guessing the story was the same up n down the red. This weather needs to make its mind up. You fish up there a lot? When does the spawn happen??
  22. NICE CATS GUYS! I've been planning a trip up there myself. Looks like you had a great time and hope we have a similar experience!
  23. Made it to the river again last night. Water level dropped a few feet but still had strong current. Slow bite, missed a few fish and landed 3 other cats. Got em on cut bait/crawlers. The bigger one of the night, figure around 10.
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