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  1. 556LaGue

    Carp and other Rough fish pics

    Some rainy river monsters! 61" 60" and a 54"! Have a look!
  2. 556LaGue

    Channel Catfish Photo Gallery

    Hit the Red River over the weekend for the 2nd time this spring. First outing wasn't great with a handful of smaller cats all under 10lbs. This weekend was a different story as we ended up with 15 cats Friday night. 5 over 10lbs, 2 of which were high teens fish. All caught on cut river bait. Cats were on the shallow side of the river. Water was high and flowing pretty good. All fish were caught and released. Great night of fishin w no bugs to bother us and very nice weather! Gonna give it another whirl soon in a boat this time. Have a look!!
  3. 556LaGue

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    A dandy 12 lb 35 inch pig of a pike we landed over the weekend
  4. 556LaGue

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Been out on a few solo adventures lately. Finding some slab crappies mostly. Got into a mix of gills and slabs today! Fish have been hit and miss this ice season locally but if your willing to put the work in you can find em. Finding fish in that 20-30 fow area depending on the weather. Crappies range from 12-14" and the gill is 10". Most fish caught on plastic baits, a few on waxies. It's been a blast lately! Hopefully my luck keeps up! Have a look!!
  5. 556LaGue

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Got out yesterday on some sketchy ice. Was at my mom's place and decided to check some ice. After figuring out I wasn't going to make it out far, come to the conclusion i was just going to set a couple tip ups out and watch from the house. Had 3 flags early in the day but couldn't seem to connect with a fish. They would run with the minnow and drop it shortly after. Thinking they were small fish tripping the flags. Prime time rolled around and I spotted a flag in 12+ FOW! Excited and praying to the walleye gods I ran out to the flag! Upon arrival it seemed it was another dead flag as I pulled a decent amount of line up. All the sudden I felt a good bump on the other end of the line and the line started rolling out of my hands! Gave it a good hook set and soon found out I had a NICE fish on! Steady pull and BIG head shakes!! Gotta be a walleye I was thinking to myself trying to stay calm and collected! Sure enough! The eyes lit up as she came through the hole once!! Calm and collected soon turned into panic! She thrashed around and I couldn't seem to get her head started up the hole! Let her run one more time and try again I said. So I did, as she came to the hole the 2nd time she was a lot slower moving than the first sighting of her. I slowly reached down and grabbed a gill and landed this respectable Mrs Walter!!! Did a little CPR and sent her on her way with a little TLC. Your not living if you don't get excited about that! 27 inches and some change. I've caught bigger but it's my first fish of the year so I'm not complaining! Scratched the itch I've had since first freeze up!! HAVE A LOOK!!
  6. 556LaGue

    Top water Frogs?

    Slammed a few of these guys pulling Bigfoot frogs this evening! Was trolling for walleyes and heard the frogs singing and bass jumping! Couldn't resist! They were annihilating the bait and almost swallowing it! 3 ft of water in the rushes and pads
  7. 556LaGue

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Had to add this in there. Storm rolled through
  8. 556LaGue

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Got out in the early am and got into some smaller walleyes. Fished off the dock for a bit in the afternoon and landed this nice 25". Should be a interesting weekend coming up w a memorial tournament. Hopefully these quality fish stay active for us! Have a look!
  9. 556LaGue

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    The fish slayer is at again!!! The color on this Gill is crazy! Not a giant by any means, but a beautiful respectable gill! Caught all by himself on a slip bobber and leech in about 6 fow. With a handful of others that were smaller and a few small pike. Very proud of my mini-me!! He'll be tournament fishing with me in no time at the rate he's learning! Have a look!
  10. 556LaGue

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Here's the bluegill I've been searching for since last year in June! I'm on a slip bobber kick lately. We were fishing for walleyes and ended up w a good handful of fish just shy of this guy! They showed up and kept us very busy for a good 20 mins. Some more catch and release F-U-N! Have a look!
  11. 556LaGue

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Here's my daughter's biggest walleye to date! Very excited girl! She's turning into quite the fish slayer lately! Very proud! Have a look!
  12. 556LaGue

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    A buddy of mine decided to take the family out for a evening of slip bobber action. Me and a couple friends fished next to them in another boat. Walleyes were slow moving but we got to watch his wife land this 27 inch dandy! Another biggest walleye memory made! What a year it's been already and the summer is just getting started! And Another 28 landed yesterday with 4 other nice fish in a couple hrs of fishing! We are seeing the results from local stocking and a lot of CPR on this lake in the past! Some more catch and release F-U-N!!!Have a look!
  13. 556LaGue

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Check out this 15.5 inch slab a caught over the weekend!! Bunch of fish around this size caught also
  14. 556LaGue

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    We had a very eventful evening of fishing Saturday. Me and a buddy of mine brought his g/f and a good friend of ours out for a evening of slip bobber action. 15+ walleyes caught in about an hr of fishing. Most fish being in that 14-16 inch range and one very healthy 26 inch to top things off! Funny thing was me and my buddy stood back and helped the ladies and didn't fish much at all. Taking fish off and baiting hooks kept us both very busy, as we caught just about every species that swims in that lake that night also. Fat heads and leeches being the baits of choice. Fish were up shallow yet. Biggest eye she's landed to date and was happy to be there with the net for her! The hook popped out as soon as it got in the boat! Haha have a look!