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  1. my bird id book says its a spotted towhee,used to be called a rufus sided towhee.
  2. my chocalate lab does all of these things also, I have had labs for 25 years and they all did this. I wish I could see what they are dreaming, must be flocks of birds.
  3. I hunted with my dads model 99 300 savage and shot my first 3 deer with it,my brother has it now but we still try to take it out every year. Next year I hope to have this gun in my grandsons hands.
  4. very cool,would love to have that one in an aquarium
  5. I try to look in on the eagles most everyday,saw them hatch. didn't take long for them to get big. I was suprised at how many different things the adults feed them.
  6. I have a cubby panfish rod from FF,catches fish and doesn't cost alot about forty bucks now i think, it comes in 6 foot and 7 foot models. I like the 7 foot myself.
  7. as long as you are above the ground what difference does it make when you go fishing,seasons are just days some man put on the calendar, nature has its own ideas as you can tell,if you can't fish in the boat bring your ice fishing stuff the way the weather is the rest of us will probably be joining you
  8. do what the dnr told you,I've did this with my canoe and had no problem,I don't think canoes in mn require a title.
  9. pursuing means you show intent to take this fish or animal, look it up in the dictionary. statute still does not say you have to move.and yes i went and read it. as stated before by others you would have to say you intended to catch them
  10. where in the regs does it say that you are REQUIRED to move.i read through them and did not see this any where.
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