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  1. No problem at all, wheel houses go out all the time. he charges a rate and just requests you keep the speed down and respect his rules and other fisherman on the lake.
  2. Everyone will always tell you the Flats are where to go. I however have been going out of Lybacks. He has a pressure ridge out about 2 miles but the big hogs are being caught in shallow anyway. Eddy also has some of the most well maintained roads and I believe is the safest resort on the lake. Some people may not agree with him, but I always know I am safe when I go out on the lake.
  3. Mille Lacs is hot now if your not interested in eating!! If you want to catch a lot with the potential of catching a wall mounter, I would go to Mille Lacs. I'm headed up there this weekend with the kids, Plenty of ice just stay away from cracks and pressure ridges.
  4. Was the layout the same for this house and do you have anymore pics of the inside of the 24'?
  5. What are the Pros and Cons to either of these types of siding? Has anyone used the Smooth Fiberglass siding in their build?
  6. The drawer rails you just want ones with "detent" on them. I think ours are set to 10lbs. Here are pics for the doors.
  7. They make a rail that when it slides closed it drops about 1/4". I have these and they are nice for driving down the road but my 3 and 5 year olds can't open them up! For the doors, I used an rv type style clip. To open you have to push in and then they pop open.
  8. Thinking about building a new Fish House. Does a "V" Front really make that big of a difference in towing? Campers aren't "V" front so just wondering. I think I could utilize space a lot better with a regular square front.
  9. What has everyone used for a fish house stove and are you happy with it. My last fish house, I actually put in an apartment style stove because I had it up in the V of the house and had room. This time I want to put it over the wheel well on a hydraulic frame. My main concern is it is big enough to make pizza's inside, but can you do anything else with the actual stove part or are they all too small?
  10. Do you level house out before you put walls on? I built a house about 3 years ago but I had wood studs. we cut all to the same length and put on house. when we would raise and lower house the frame would bend and walls would move. so we took all the walls off, leveled frame completely on blocks, and built the entire house like this. after walls, roof, siding and spray foam were on it never moved again. just curious if you have noticed this? we only noticed when we lowered house to ground the bottom of frame didn't touch ground everywhere.
  11. Sorry, I just realized you asked this question. Here are a few pics from the top.
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