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  1. Found a cool looking bug crawling on a wall in my dining room.Couldn't find anything on it on the web.Thought id ask here
  2. Wait till it stops freezing at night.The stuff needs to cure.Just because it drys in the sun doesn't mean the whole drying process is completed.I've had my own projects fail before due to freezing or near freezing temps at night. Btw..The product you are using will have a description of best temperature, application instructions, drying time etc.Take a glance at it.There might be some other info you may need to know
  3. I did get a hold of him.He replied this morning to me that he caught them in the cannon river in MN.
  4. I actually read it too after running into the place where the report was made.The only thing is no one knows where this river was.Could be in Wisconsin, Illinois,or possibly Minnesota.Maybe Il contact the guy myself and just ask him.Seems easier just to ask lol
  5. How did it go? BTW..Homex makes texture in a spray can.You can get it at any hardware store or paint store.You can adjust the texture size from fine to heavy finish and also adjust the pressure.There is the orange peel and the knock down finishes.Shake the hell out of the can and test it on some cardboard until you get the setting you are looking for.Even the finest setting for the orange peel will be pretty close too "some" of the old school sandy type finishes.Depends on thickness of it.If it's larger sand you may just have to add sand to the paint and roll that whole wall out with it
  6. Lmao..man I don't know. Maybe the second week of may. Going to be fun tho
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