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  1. fastkaw

    Backup heat

    Get a back up generator (gas nat.or lp. powered) comes on when the power go's out. Not cheep but dependably.
  2. fastkaw

    Backup heat

    The cheapest way is to have new parts for your furnace on hand. In most cases you onley need 4 or 5 and you would be up and running again. If your furnace is 15yr. old or older, spend the money on a new one. The new furnace's are only 33" tall that will give you lotes of room to install both a/c coil and boiler exchanger coil. Hope this helps
  3. fastkaw

    Home Heating Oil

    nobody5 You get more BTU'S out of a gal. of oil, then a gal. of gas. You just can't get 95% efficienty out of oil. CAMAN Simplifed. (I hate to type) Diesal oil and fuel oil are the same thing Just a different color. An oil fired furnace can't tell the difference.
  4. fastkaw

    Home Heating Oil

    11/11/14 227 gal. $789.96 flt tax 0.23 (to deliver it) environmental impact fee 1.82 storage tax 0.68 county tax $17.83 IL.State tax $39.62 Get a portable tank+pump and get it at the gas station it's a little cheaper, just more work
  5. fastkaw

    Young's Wilderness Camp

    lawman Never stated at the camp, but fished stevens bay lots of times. Youngs looks like a nice place. You din't say the time of yr. Spring or late fall are the best times (I think) for stevens bay.
  6. fastkaw

    House Thermostat Question

    This may sound a little harsh, but come on 1.5 degrees as someome said, we don't live in a perfect world, least not a lab. Leave the fan run and you won't notice the furnace going on or or off. In most cases, it's not the equipment or the thermostat it's the duct work, air flow or lack of it.
  7. fastkaw

    A-coil clean or replace?

    There are way to many option to give you a good answer, with out having someone looking at it. Do not cut the refrigerant lines. If you can do it your self do it. Vacuum first then a good wash. If you have to pay someone, I would buy a new a/c Not just a new evaporator coil. If you furnace is 20yr. old replace it to. Probably not what you wanted to here.
  8. fastkaw

    Dryer Vent Bypass

    Just wait and see what happens to your furnace and water heater. Service call $85 to $125 Labor, Just a guess another $125 I can think of several parts that will not take the moistuer and dust. est. $125 add it up. You save 00000
  9. fastkaw

    Building a 30x40 garage - woodburning stove ?s

    What ozzie said. Also cars gasoline and fire do not mix...
  10. WSwen: Fished that part of LOTW for 30yr. Spring,summer,fall. Fall walleyes, fish the points most of the tine. Muskie are usually on the boulder rock with weeds. Duckbay would be my 1st. choice if you want to be picked up at nesterfalls. Obabikon would be a long hall to nesterfalls better to go out of morson. Ill be at duckbay the last week of sept. The fishing better be good (grin) I hesitate to say you can't go wrong. They call it fishing not caching. Nor am I a agent of any camp, just lucky to get to fish out of several camps over the years. If you like send a PM.
  11. I would go to duck bay lodge or obabikon. Both camps are out of Morson On.
  12. fastkaw

    Help - desperate furnace question

    Check the regulator on the side of the house. Make sure the vent is not frosted or covered with snow
  13. fastkaw

    Source/Recommendation-New LP Furnace

    Apples to oranges if you don't tell us MORE. Size btu, furnace efficency 80%, 90%, 95%, 1 stage or 2, variable speed or not????? A/C size, efficency 13,14, 16, 18,seer, line set, line+low voltage indoor and out, thermoste about 10 to chose from, will the new coil fit in the old plenum, drain????? See what i mean. This list can on and on. Do your home work, don't just take the lowest bid. Again apples to oranges
  14. fastkaw

    Central air unit

    ILL try to make this short... Don't waste your money. If your old AC is over 10yr. old, wait for it to die and upgrade to a 14seer. Save your money now and put it into the new. There are about 20 other thing I could mention why not to do it.