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  1. I spoke with Woodland today and they told me between 10 and 12 inches fell with 50+ wind gusts. Reports were most if not all of the landings were dirfted in and "truck travel was not advised unless you don't mind getting stuck."
  2. We're thinking about 1 last trip for the season. Any reports on lake travel after yesterday's snow and wind would be great! Thanks in advance
  3. Been looking through the regs trying to find out when walleye season closes. I know it's in there but I can't find it. Please help. Thanks in advance
  4. I'm looking for opinions on the stick type bottom bouncers vs the conventional type. I have switched to wingit walking sinkers which work quite well and I see that make a stick type bottom bouncer as too. It makes sense but money is money and I want to buy what works best. Thanks
  5. First thanks for the advise! I purchased a Revo Toro Winch, I have smaller hands and needed the reduced profile so I can cast all day. I put it on a St Croix Long Ranger. I believe you can get close to 200 yards of 80# Power Pro on the reel.
  6. A bit new to the Musky world but have been fishing for many years. Just purchased a new rod and reel and was looking for some suggestions as to what line to put on it. I would guess that I would want to be in the 80# test range and having something that is knot friendly would be great as the fingers and eyes arn't what they use to be. Thanks
  7. We've been doing very well using Northland impulse mayflies!!. It's reduced the amount of smaller fish we catch, which is a good thing IMO and the bigger gills just pound it! I'm very impressed with this product, the white glow and white and pink have worked best for us.
  8. I've used a Quick flip 3 for the last 7 seasons and have never had any issues with it. It has a bench seat that's held up to my big rear for years. Looking at the Thermals for more warmth and also thying to reduce weight as the Eskimo is 110 dry and pulls hard in snow.
  9. I'm going to pull the trigger on one of these 2 shelters. Would sure like some feedback on the pro's and con's for both shacks. I did read something about clips on the poles being an issue on the Clam so info on that would be great as well.
  10. Bobberboy

    Jig molds

    I did find a site that will custom make molds. You send them the jig and they build it for you. They developed the business for just this purpose. They could not find anyone to make molds for them so they bought a CNC and moved forward. Will see how much cash is needed for a mold. Always the determining factor.
  11. Bobberboy

    Jig molds

    Thanks guys. I to agree about the quality of the hooks used on the jigs I purchase. I will post back if I find a sight that sells molds that are more ice fishing friendly. Have a great one!
  12. Bobberboy

    Jig molds

    Does anyone know where I can purchase ice jig molds? There are a some out there but choices are limited and when I do find something the sizes are to large Not looking to start a business just looking to save a buck so I can spend it on other toys. Thanks
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