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  1. I was very suprised when my dog came running up to me with the bird in his mouth, all i saw was the head hanging down and i couldn't believe my eyes. I new what it was because i studied them when i was younger, but was amazed i just shot one. I will for sure post pics when it is done being mounted. JS
  2. Here is a pick of the Mandarin Duck that was mentioned in the scoter thread. Probably just an escapee, but was flying with wild ducks and i am very proud to take him and he is at the taxidermist as we speak!! JS
  3. JiggingSpoon

    How Long?

    Just a quick question. We have been just getting in to cat fishing on the minnesota. We were out the other night with about 10 different bites with landing one nice channel. We were using about 6-7 inch live sucker minnows. Many missed fish, just wondering how long you let them run, and where you useally hook them and if anybody ever used a stinger or not? Any answers will help a bunch, thanks!! Some of the bites almost tore the rods out of our hands!! It was insane! We would let them run a bit and then close the bail, the rod would load and then set the hook and i could just feel the sucker pull off the hook?!? JS
  4. i bought a bowtech Old Glory last year, and have since shot the Drenalin and the XT, i think the Old Glory has much less hand shock and is much quieter. It is a bigger and a bit heaver though. But i would never shoot another brand unless i am proven otherwise. JS
  5. I have a WB on a Bowtech Old Glory and i love it, all i had to do was use feathers instead of vanes. It tore the vanes off the arrow. Once i started shooting feathers, i never have had a problem, shoots fast and straight. Harvested 2 deer for me this year with no problems at all. Just my experience with it. I shoot with the cock feather up, because i also heard that the darker whiskers on the pottom are tougher to hold the shaft up so the vanes or feathers shouldn't pass through them, it wouldn't be consistent with the rest of them. JS
  6. I got a set of pictures from this good one working a scrape. Unfortunately he was never spotted from the stand. Maybe next year, he will be awesome then, actually he is pretty awesome this year also!!! Look at the body structure of this mammoth, he looks like he is 300 pounds!!! JS
  7. I managed to harvest number 2 for the season last night. Had 3 of them come in and i shot a doe at about 5 yards. I was shooting close to staight down. Arrow went through both lungs and stuck in the dirt. It is my first year with a bow and i am glad i purchased one. I never got a shot off with a gun this year, just passed on a small fork. But it is nice to get some more meat in the freezer, and nothing is better than sticking a deer!!! JS
  8. Hey all, Havent posted in a long time, but i have been out about a dozen times and seen a fair amount of deer, but got my first one in range last week. I had a doe and 2 little ones come in and i chose to shoot the bigger of the little ones. I didn't want to kill the doe away from the little ones. I also lucked out and it wasn't a button buck! It was a nice 10 yard shot and it went about 60 yards and then started to do the drunken stumble. It was great. First year bowhunting and my first kill.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. The reel/pause method makes sense, then the line is tight at all times. Just the other night i was jerking the dump out of it, but the line would go slack quite a bit, and i got into a rythem. Well one time i made a jerk and instantly the line was tight and pulling hard, well i was in the rythem and just made another jerk and the line went slack and the fish was gone with out me even attempting to set the hook. Thanks Again for the info. JS
  10. Hey Everybody, What is your favorite way to work a bulldawg. I try to jerk it around instead of a steady retreive, but i get a ton of follows and a few misses, but just cant seem to hook up with that lure. But seems to be a lot of peoples favorite, just wondering if there is a special way to work it. Thanks JS
  11. Reminds me of a time about 6 year ago when me and my dad were at a fly-in canada fishing trip. We were catching 2-4 lb. northerns like crazy and we came up to this tiny little bay. I flung my daredevil up to the shallows and was in the middle of my retrieve and i felt a little "walleye tap" and then my rod just got heavy. I set the hook and it felt like i set into a rock, then instantly nothing. I came up with a half of a leader. Then my dad immediatly whipped his out there and instantly had a huge hit. He had the fish on for about 2 seconds and there was nothing he could to even budge it. Then nothing, and up comes another half of a 50# steel leader. We were just amazed and just felt defeated. I would have done anything just to see the fish. JS
  12. To me it is really hard to beat 12-14 inchers for eating, i will let the 17+ inchers go anyday if i can keep a meal of 13 inchers. They are the best!! Nice catch bud!! JS
  13. Well to be honest, a 26 1/2 inch walleye on waconia at 2:30 AM was the first fish of the year. That makes for a good start to a great year. JS
  14. Thanks guys for all the help, i ended up with goin with the Bowtech, It is a bigger bow, but man did it shoot smooth, cant tell your even shooting an arrow, it is getting all rigged up, and i get it this week, i cant wait to get it and start shootin, Thanks!! JS
  15. I am currently looking at 2 different bows and am about to make a purchase. I have never owned a bow before, but would like too. I am looking at a last years model, but new Bowtech Old Glory and a used but good condition Mathews Legacy. I haven't shot either yet, but was just wondering if anyone owns one or the other and has anything good or bad to say about either. Both are the same price also. Any info will be helpful. I am leaning towards the Bowtech because it is new. thanks JS
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