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  1. Please read my response to Fiskyknut above about pics - sorry I can't help you out - Thanks for looking -
  2. I'm about 90% sure it is on shore - I didn't ask Dennis now but he pulled it when he took a trip at Christmas and I don't think he put it out again - in any event, we don't fish far from Morris Point so getting a look at it is easy -
  3. Dennis and I own this house together; I am not in MN right now and don't have any pictures with me; so, please give Dennis a call with your questions. Thanks for the interest.
  4. For Sale: 8 x 12 fish house on wheels; use a jack to remove the wheels; has 8 holes, 2 windows, and a new wall heater. Located about 1/4 mile from Morris Point Resort. If you fish LOW, this will quickly pay for itself. $975.00 If interested, have questions, etc, call Dennis at 218-634-2182.
  5. I've been gone for a few days - thanks for the new replies- The clutch engages at about 4200 rpm - The Polaris shop suggested, in a nice way, that the problem is I am driving like the old fart I am - but, as I said before, I usually have someone on the back and going is rough for the most part - chunks of ice hidden beneath the snow, etc - so going faster is not much of an option for me- The Polaris people said pretty much what some of you have mentioned, that is, I am not getting the engine hot enough to keep the plugs clean - so, my thought was if I could do something that would get the engine running at higher rpms and yet not increase the speed, that would help - it sounds as if either rejetting the carb or changing the gear ratio would help - I had thought about the gear ratio some because that was pretty common with the old sleds - but, given that todays machines are much more complicated and engineered as a whole unit, I was concerned that changing something, such as the gears, might result in some other problems - I could get a different sled and maybe thats the best approach, but I thought I would see if there are some other options before I did that - Again, thanks for your suggestions - I really appreciate your help, OG
  6. I use Polaris oil - I asked the Polaris dealer in Roseau what oil I should use in this machine and then bought what he recommended.
  7. I recently had the sled checked over throughly by a Polaris dealer who is said to have a good mechanic - carbs cleaned, etc - the sled has only 600 miles on it and those were also put on the machine by going back and forth to a fish shack on LOW-so I would think that things should be working correctly -anyway, nothing changed after having this tuneup- I do appreciate the suggestions I received - if there are any others, they certainly would be welcome - Thanks Again -
  8. I first started driving snowmobiles in about 1967-at that time I never thought I would ever want to go slower - amazing what approximately 40 years does to one - not for the good either- but even driving like the old fart I am is still fun - I do use the "8" sparkplug but it still fouls some - so, I don't know if it is advisable to go to something hotter; Thanks for the help.
  9. I have a 98 Polaris Classic Touring - I use this sled only for going from my house on LOW to my fishing shack; usually I have one person riding on the sled with me. Because the surface is fairly rough, I rarely get over 25 mph-this does not allow the engine to get very hot and causes the spark plugs to get dirty, or so says the Polaris dealer I talked to- Is it possible to use a different clutch, or clutch setting, or change the gear ratio, or do something else, so the engine has to run faster to reach the same speed? I have been told this machine will go about 75 mph, + or - a few mph -I would be satisfied if 50 mph were the top speed if it would run hotter at a low speed - Is what I am looking for possible or am I just looking for something that will not work or cause more problems than it will solve - I realize I can go to a dealer/mechanic with these questions but I would like to hear from someone who has had some experience with something like this so I know the good and bad before I go any further - Thanks for your help.
  10. Yesterday I bought the 1998 Polaris Indy Classic Touring I mentioned earlier-I had no luck at the dealers, though I checked several weekly - I ran an ad in a couple of places and had a number of calls from people who were thinking about advertising their sleds, but had not yet done so - so perhaps if someone is looking for a used sled, this is something to consider - Kingfisher, thanks a lot for your help-if you get up this way, give me a call and we'll have a cup of coffee or something stronger -Dave
  11. Not yet - Tomorrow I am going to look at one that sounds good - 1998 Polaris Classic Touring with 600 miles on it-another old guy like me has it for sale - thanks for your help - I am going to follow through on the machine you mentioned in your telephone call if this one doesn't work out - thanks again.
  12. I am looking for a used sled that will be used mostly for ice fishing - some trail riding, with both being done at a fairly slow speed - severe arthritis being the problem- Anyway, I need electric start and reverse; I live by Lake of the Woods and Polaris seems to be the sled of choice here-I don't want to spend a lot of money as I will not be using the sled a lot-it has been suggested that a 97 or so Indy Classic or something similar would fill the bill for me -but,it is not easy to find one here that has not got a ton of miles on it -when a rare one does show up the price is near $2500, or more, which seems to be high for a sled that old- It seems more often that older sleds, and other brands, with electric start and reverse, are on the market with somewhat lower miles- but I have been told that I should go 97 or newer because of the change in suspension/track that took place then -I also am not locked into considering only Polaris - So, what are your ideas/thoughts/suggestions? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated - also, if you know of any dealers that happen to have a big inventory of used sleds would be helpful - maybe it is just this year, but I have been looking around in this general area, at both dealers and newspaper ads for some time and with little luck - Thanks again, Dave
  13. This motor would work with your boat - your transom height is about one inch less than the boat it was used on - as for price, I am pretty much set on what I asked - seems to be fair given the little use it has had and what I have seen on this forum. Thanks for the reply.
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