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  1. sage123

    Ion Quick Release

    Has anyone used the Ion ice Auger quick release? Is it easy to change between an 8" and 10" augers? When drilling a hole does it feel solid or does it have a little shake to it? What are your thoughts on it?
  2. sage123

    Diesel truck owners

    Thanks for the replies. We went out on Red Lake this past weekend on about 14-15" of ice with no problems.
  3. sage123

    Diesel truck owners

    The total weight fully loaded is about 12000 lbs. where do I find a scale to determine the safe ice?
  4. sage123

    Diesel truck owners

    For those of you who have a diesel truck, how much ice does there have to be before you feel comfortable driving on the ice? I just purchased a ford one ton crew cab and have a 16 foot lake of the woods ice castle and I am not sure what is considered ok to drive on.
  5. sage123

    Driving on ice

    I just bought a F-350 diesel and was wondering how much ice does it take before anyone would drive out on the ice with a one ton diesel? I belive it weighs about 8500 lbs.