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  1. Has anyone out there hired him to fish Rainy Lake. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone fish the Morson area any longer? Any recent report on how the fishing has been would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Lawman, My opinion only, for what it's worth. In early June, Stevens Bay would likely be good, although, that's likely to be before Muskie fishing is open. Later June or July, I would stay West of Nestor Falls in Morson. If you want good fishing, you'll need to boat out to the Morson Area, or Miles Bay for the best fishing, anyway. Lot's of Muskie and Smallie structure out that way and if you care to fish for Walleyes, There's lots of good Walleye structure in that area. Now you have my two cents.
  4. Robert, How's the ice out progressing on Sabaskong Bay, Milles Bay?
  5. Duncan's handle on this forum was/is Hemlock. I haven't seen a post from him in a couple of years but, last I heard, he was operating a gas station/bait shop up in Souix Narrows. Hope this helps.
  6. Good to know for future Winter trips. Thanks for the info. So, and more importantly, how was the fishing? Was there a lot of slush?
  7. Are you driving up through Fort Frances or Baudette? There is a bait shop in Fort Frances but Rainy River no longer has anyone that sells live bait, to my knowledge. There are at least a couple of people that will sell you live bait up in Morson during the Winter but it can get pricey. There is another possibility, Alf Gate Tackle, that has a little sign on Hwy 621 somewhere around Bergland. You'll see the sign on the corner of one of the Eastbound gravel roads. Try, also to contact Rob at Tolens Pelican Landing Resort. Rob has great cabins with a great access to LOTW and will go out of his way to help you out. Hope this helps.
  8. It's going to top out in the 40s down here all next week. Water temp up on LOW should be perfect for bringing in the big girls by next weekend. Go slay em!
  9. Yes, I was referring to Justin. I just got an email from him yesterday. He was out one day, recently, and got two Muskies and five Northerns. Sounds like the water is cooling down and the fishing is heating up. Good luck, be safe, have fun.
  10. The water temp was 58 the day we started fishing and 55 the last day we fished. We saw a few boats trolling for Muskie but not as many as usual. The Muskie fanatic at the resort I stay at was waiting for the water temp to drop.
  11. Just got back last night after fishing out of Morson Saturday thru Monday. Did really well, in spite of the 20 degree drop in temp from Friday to Saturday. Most were caught in 20' to 30' of water. Narrows, rock points and island shorelines. Jig and minnow or mimick minnow was all we used. Great trip.
  12. Please also send me a PM with info. Nipigon has always intruiged me.
  13. Robert1965, I was hesitant to reply, as I fish Well west of Nestor Falls and have never fished in September at LOTW. But, someone should give you some sort of answer. I have fished LOTW in August and in October, never in September. I don't know hat to recommend for structure close to Nestor Falls but my guess would be to keep working lots of points and drops for the 'Eyes. I have heard that "The Elbow" up in Obabikon Lake is a good Crappie spot in September. This would be worth checking out. Head that way and check out a lot of points on the way there and back. That's pretty much all I got for you other than you may wish to push next year's trip out to October. Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful. Maybe you should post a request for a report on fishing in Sabaskong Bay in September.
  14. bigtime... Yes, Lac Seul, one of the few places that I am curious enough about to try on one of my yearly open water trips, as opposed to Morson. I've heard lots of good things about the lake. Is Lac Seul mapped on a GPS chip?
  15. bigtime... Thanks for the report. Twenty five fish per day isn't a bad average for three of you, especially with some + 20" fish in the mix. That's a lot more fish than three of us would catch in a whole weekend until I started fishing up in the Morson area, 15 years ago. Not even sure whyI buy a MN license any more, although Mille Lacs has some nice fish to catch. Glad to hear that the MNR officer acted in a professional manner when you were checked. They seem to be getting more helpful and less confrontational these past few years. Same with the CA border officers. Odd that the reef bite was so slow for you at this point of Summer.
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