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  1. Got up today and fished Yellow for the first time in a few years. Tremendous action from perch, walleyes, and crappie...although nothing sizeable. All on a 1/32 oz jig head with either a fathead minnow or a kalins crappie scrub. Had two muskies today that ultimately snapped the line using the plastics. One was a good 42-44" that I fought for 15 minutes on 4lb test...it full body leaped out of the water 3 times, so much fun! On the last leap it snapped the line, but it's always good to be able to see the fish! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend in Webster!
  2. Unfortunately I'm not making it up this weekend - came down with the flu mid-week. Hoping to get up next weekend for the first time this year.
  3. That's great to hear. I'm hoping to get out on Yellow next Saturday - will post a report then. Good luck and be safe!
  4. Starting the thread early this year. Please feel free to share ice conditions and ice reports for NW WI area! As always, have fun and STAY SAFE!
  5. Toilet paper. Never leave home without it.
  6. Check out Big Butz BBQ sauce, made in Siren WI. You can order from his page, else you can pick it up in many stores in Burnett County. Trust me, you'll try it and never look back: http://www.bigbutzbbqsauce.net/
  7. That's a good point...totally missed the whole "sturgeon topic" behind this thread. As far as sturgeon fishing, I suppose this probably isn't the best publicity for the lake. Growing up I spent most of my summers in Danbury, so I had always know about the sturgeon fishery there. Most other people wouldn't. In the past few years, I've found the lake to be relatively less congested than say, 15 years ago. However, during the month of September...the amount of boats on the lake sturgeon fishing can be crazy. I'm happy to hear that the majority are being released. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Best of luck in the last week or so of the season. Vic
  8. I would have to agree with you Don...I've thought the lake was less congested than normal this summer. Openers are always busy...especially when there's an early spring. Did the article need to mention the name of the lake? No. But no need to worry. I hate to break it to you guys. This article does NOT put Yellow Lake on the map. Big Yellow is a 2300 acre lake with a diverse fishery. Of course its going to get fishing pressure and attention, especially from folks in the Twin Cities. DUH. The lake is no secret and has been well known for the past 30+ years. Books, magazines, newspapers, MuskieZan's HSO posts...I could go on. If you want less fishing pressure or a true secret spot, go find a small lake in the Burnett/Washburn/Sawyer area that is a gem. There are countless that come to mind that have a fishery FAR superb to Yellow.
  9. Go to Tanski's A&H market...they have gas and everything you'll need for a day on the water. Its on the corner of A & H, you can't miss it.
  10. Don, I also heard Babe on the radio yesterday say the same thing. A few weeks ago in Hayward we took a two man limit of crappies....couldn't keep them off the line. As soon as the minnow would hit the water, the bobber would go under. It got to the point where we had to start throwing them back. Of note, the crappies were very black. When we got to cleaning that night, not a single one had eggs...so I had assumed they were all males. After talking with the guys at the local baitshop, they mentioned that the crappies would come in time and time again (due to weather changes) and never did spawn. Who knows.
  11. I fished the north shore of Yellow on Saturday. Just caught a few small northerns on tipups with shiner minnows. Otherwise it was a pretty slow day - very very cold.
  12. You are correct regarding the spring in the bay by Jefferies. Haven't heard anything of a helicopter rescue, but would be interested in hearing about it.
  13. Braved the 20mph winds today and went out on Yellow. Had to launch by Yellow Lake Lodge. Harder than heck to control the boat unless you were within 100 yards of the west shoreline. Gave up after 30 minutes and drifted the steep breaks on the north shore with two 14" suckers. Jigged a Fuzzy Duzzit along the drift too. Marked a lot of fish suspended in 20' of water, but no takers. Trolled back to the launch with a perch colored Depthraider and still no takers. Water temp was right around 51 degrees. Surprising amount of boats on the water considering the winds. Hoping to get up in the next week or two to hit Yellow or McKenzie, weather dependent, and get after some hawgs. Best of luck to all. Vic
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