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  1. I'm not familiar with or have ever owned a Strikemaster...but is this the unit you are referring to that has just been recalled!? Strikemaster Lazer Recall Notice
  2. So far I have to say I'm impressed with them too! I bought an 8" w/ reverse last Nov., put the battery on the charger one day and got blinking red lights (too hot or too cold or something)!? I unplugged the charger, let it sit a day, next day it charged just fine. I called Ion & explained what happened...2 days later a new charger unit was on my doorstep! No questions asked...sent me another one. So, now I have 1 to leave in my Ice Castle and 1 to leave at home so I don't risk forgetting it on a long outting!
  3. In the Settings menu turn OFF the Community Edits and Share Tracks options. Search your lake, find the spot on the lake you want to fish, put a "marker pin" on that spot, hit the Start button to "go to"
  4. I have a 3500/4000W Champion generator. It's a great unit, little louder than the Honda, but I can deal with a little more noise for the $650 price difference. I'm considering building a 4 sided (3 sides & top) plywood "box" lined with egg crate foam as sound dampener. I'd leave the exhaust end of the box open to "breathe". Can anyone see any issues with me doing this!? If I make the box a couple inches larger than the geny frame...will it breathe and vent ok? Not only will the box act as a sound dampener...but also keep wind/snow off it Ag the same time. Thoughts!?
  5. Go for it! You'll find out in a hurry if it's not legal.
  6. I would lower it all the way down regardless of how much time you spend. Will be more "stable" and it will seal better against wind / drafts. Hole sleeves are still nice when lowered all thew way. Buy them long, lower the house, measure the distance to the bottom & cut them to fit. Are you on Facebook at all? If so...there is an Ice Castle Owners Group on there that has a lot of info and guys sharing tricks/tips.
  7. My guess is the "broken" rods are from customers handling the floor display models at FF...not 13Fishings problem, just FF trying to get something out of a broken rod combo.
  8. It was NOT worth $38k! I personally know the shack...it was built by a shack manufacturer YEARS ago. One of the previous owners tried building one for himself with an aluminum frame and slide-outs etc. thinking that would be the shack of the future. Don't think it went over very well so they never mass produced them. I heard that it wasn't even $30k to build originaly, and was totaled out in another insurance claim a few years back for $20K and he bought it back for $5k or something. Then this whole fiasco with it burning up after driving down the highway with the furnace going happened...really a shady deal in most peoples eyes that know the situation. Besides not being worth $38k...the whole point was what can happen when you leave the furnace on while travelling.
  9. Hey damdiver...look about 3 posts above yours...see the blue web link!?
  10. Not a great idea IMO. What happens when you add oxygen to fire!? You get MORE fire. How about a 55-65 mph "breeze" while driving down the highway through the furnace intake or exhaust, or a hole in the floor etc.!? Hot a bump...furnace gets jarred loose or propane line breaks while you have an open flame... Here's what happens...just a few weeks ago a few miles from here: $38,000 Ice Shack bursts into flames while furnace is on while travelling It literally takes 10 mins to get a warm wheelhouse. And we are ice fisherman...we typically dress for the cold, so why take any chances.
  11. I've spent a lot of time looking too Hawg...don't think they exist.
  12. I just bought a brand new 8" Ion (w/ reverse). I paid $499 and got free shipping, no sales tax (out of state) and a set of replacement blades ($40 value). Dick's Sporting goods also had them for $435 w/ free shipping on one of their 4hr "lunch" sales one day last month... I was going to buy a 1yr old used Ion from a guy that 2 batteries for $400. I decided for the extra $100 I could get one with reverse & warranty. His was a dam good deal, especially with an extra $150 battery! So, I hate to say it...but you may be a tad high on your asking price for a 2yr old one with no warranty and no reverse feature.
  13. One word of caution with these Micro's...last winter while fishing I had the camera dropped down "watching". All the sudden I had a big Pike staring at the camera. At 1st I thought it was pretty cool...then IO realized it would suck to have all those teeth latch onto the tiny camera thinking it was food! So I quickly pulled it up / out of the water & he actually took a quick swing at it while I was retrieving it. Long story short...the tiny cameras & thin cables are really nice...until a big fish decides it looks tasty so be aware...
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