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  1. How far north does one need to get on the Croix to hit the prime small mouth bite? We own a small hunting shack west of Cushing and are thinking about staying up there for the opener. Is the walleye fishing any good that far up? If not the Croix, anything else worth fishing that wouldn't be too much of a haul from the Cushing barrens?
  2. Well curiosity and ambition got the best of me. My brother and I packed the Otter sled, walked back in to Casey, and gave it a shot. Didn't find more than 5 feet of water. Tried jigging for a bit, nothing. Tipups out the whole time, nothing. A lot of work for no fish, but ya never know unless you try.
  3. Is it non-motorized only north of 48 on the Croix? Or is it just extremely shallow?
  4. Any body know anything about or fished the two smaller lakes on either end of Bass Lake? One across from the north end landing, the other on the oppositte side of the road from the south end. Both look like they have potential.
  5. How about the two small lakes/ponds on each of the ends of Bass? One north of the landing, the other on the oppsitte side of the road on the south end.
  6. On the DNR site there is an unamed lake at the intersection of I and E. I talked to Willow River state park Ranger who said that it is nearly dried up. But there is also a pond a bit further to the north that is rumored to hold fish. Any body ever fished this recently or hear of it being fished recently? Also, on the west side of the road near the south end of Bass Lake there is a decent size small lake that looks promising. Anybody know anything about it? How about the small lake across the road from the landing on the north end?
  7. I too have often wondered about this lake. I read on the lake link forum that people have caught some nice panfish within the last few years there. What exactly did you fish for? Did you check all three of the ponds? How deep was it exactly? I would still consider getting a few guys and peppering with tip ups for some norskies...fished many shallow, small lakes successfully for pike.
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