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  1. I plan on fishing the Missouri around the Platte Creek Rec Area over the Memorial Day weekend. Since I've never been there before, can anyone fill me in on how to fish the area? I'm hoping to catch some walleyes and smallies. Thanks
  2. tjsker

    Border Crossing

    Can the birth certificate be a copy or does it have to be the original (or stamped copy)?
  3. tjsker

    Border Crossing

    Backwater Eddy I would think consent letters are needed for divorced or separated parents, but are they needed for a happily married couple like me and my wife? Thanks, tjsker
  4. tjsker

    Border Crossing

    I never heard of getting a Canadian insurance card before. But it's easy to get. I just called my agent way down here in little old Crete, Nebraska and she knew right away what I was talking about. I also didn't know about having my wife sign a consent letter. Good no-cost advise. Hey Finns "16 cases of beer" is that all LOL.
  5. Anybody fish Longbow Lake near Kenora? If you know of other lakes to try within a 40 minute drive from Kenora, give me a suggestion.