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  1. We are putting on a 14' X 18' four season addition this summer. As usual the costs are starting to get a little more than we anticipated, ie gutter helmet, fireplace etc. We are thinking about going with slider windows instead of casements, double hungs or even awnings. We more than likely will go with Andersen 100 series that colorwise at least match the rest of the house. We will need one 2'X4', three 4'X5' and one 6'X5' windows. Any suggestions on the pros and cons on this choice before you pack up the boat and head out for the opener???
  2. yes we did, maybe not wi fi but maybe something internal. Thanks for the help. if I need a new phone, might go the droid route, not because of this issue but for other factors, thanks again.
  3. Thanks, but we've tried that as well. Almost seems like there is a wifi problem with the phone itself. I think we will hit an apple store on the way home from our vacation.
  4. We tried the brain dead simple restore, it doesn't work!!! The phone shows the Itunes system with a picture of the plug in beneath it. The phone shows the white line as the restore progresses but it stalls about half way and will go no further??? We've tried holding both buttons down at the same time but the symbols reappear.
  5. Tried that didn't work. We stopped at a verizon store, told us to restore via Itunes on our laptop by updating the IOS.. It gets about halfway through and no more progress. They now said that perhaps the older phone doesn't have enough memory to finish the update, so it's stops halfway. Now what, find an apple store, {we are on vaca}, get a new phone or find a teenager to fix it?????
  6. I could not connect to wifi so I tried to download an update to the operating system through my computer. Now the phone shows the itunes logo and the pludg in, cant get it to do anything, help!
  7. Power tailgate opens up the back door, it stays up for about 10 seconds and then closes. Any ideas about the problem and cost to repair? Thanks.
  8. Thanks Airjer, will my small town corner mechanic be able to read the code with a handheld unit or will I need to go to the GM shop?
  9. These two lights came on for 3 starts with the service Stabiltrac soon warning. What should I expect to find out when I have the codes read? They have not come on for the last 10-15 starts.
  10. My marine guy thinks its a relay of some type to the down motion, will see.
  11. Correct, it's working better now, but has a little delay or hesitation at times, wondering if it is in the wiring into the unit.
  12. No it will lift it all the way up right after running the motor for awhile
  13. My unit will lower the motor with ease, but when I trim it up it seems to use a lot more power from the battery. I'm not sure if it is a battery issue or a problem with the wiring. I had the starter battery charged full and when I went to tilt up the motor it struggled. Once we got on the water it was fine. It acted the same if I used the tilt on the throttle, the bow and the motor, any thoughts, want to hit Winnie next week???
  14. My silverado has dual AC, the one on the passenger side works fine, however the driver side does not blow out cold air!!! Any thoughts on this? What will the cost be to fix?
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