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  1. you have alot of open water up and down the main river channel from the hwy 22 access several people catching cat from the access , but might be a little slushy landing with the snow we had and there is a pretty strong current
  2. as long as people don't break to many tubes of stink bait in the shop i can handle it, could be a little hard on those with a sensitive nose. I've also been part of the cat cult for some time. I think your signature at the bottom of your posts is right on (Selective harvest) But in my book they can be great table fare
  3. Rick , Channel marine is the place I'm talking about . starting to gear the shop to better help catfisherman, any ideas would be helpful. bait,tackle. The info that comes from this site is great. There are many with great tips and alot of people stopping mention this site when they are picking up bait for cats
  4. Rick we have several tubs of chicken livers also other bait and tackle if anyone needs to get some. We are just north of the winter access
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