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  1. Naturboy

    Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    I downloaded and printed the manual. Worth it. It does so many things it would take years to fumble through to find shortcuts and fine tune without it.
  2. Naturboy

    Helix Summer Unit Conversion

    Now I’m convinced. I made a shuttle for my Helix but I couldn’t get the settings right until yesterday. Love it with no interference with a Showdown right next to it. Still need to get the ice ducer for it.
  3. Naturboy

    Big Walleyes moving up

    Their moving big time this morning.
  4. Ok I'm new to kayaking so thought it would be nice to have a list of day trips people have taken and Liked. So maybe you could post the name of river or stream, where to put in and take out and a short description on how long of float it is, what kind of fishing to expect, shaded through woods or open prairie stream.
  5. I mounted a battery behind the seat, and put depth finder forward enough so it doesn't interfere with paddling. Depth finder is held on by a large knob bolt so it comes off easy for transport.
  6. Naturboy

    Led light strips

    Amazon has a good selection and some bait shops also sell them. Love the ones I put in my portable. Some of them need soldering and some don't so watch for the kind you want. If you can solder them they can be cut to the length you want.
  7. Naturboy

    Transporting ice rods and storage

    Built this into Fish Trap Pro model, holds 6 rods. Once the shelter is set up I have a 4 place rod holder behide the seat.
  8. Naturboy

    Lost Equipment

  9. Naturboy

    Ion x or Strikemaster lithium lazer

    I'm not sure about SM, but most times when things are sold as reconditioned they have been completely checked over more than something that just comes off the line and their cheaper.
  10. Naturboy

    Underwater Cameras

    In the end all you need to see is when the jig disappears into the fishes mouth! I've been using a Aqua Vu SV, it's old b&w with very small screen but it worked. But this year I won a Marcum camera from Thorn Bro's, (thank you). Lookin forward to trying it out.
  11. Ok I put the boat away, put up the Christmas lights and now I'm waiting for ICE. Most times I go fishing and decide where to go as I start driving, but I do have a good idea where I'll end up. This is the perfect time of the year to brose around the Minnesota Lake Finder page to find that new lake that will be your next honey hole. Just like Santa I'm making my list and checking it twice.
  12. Naturboy

    Sled modifications

    Skis, down hill skis. Get the tub off the snow. There have been times I wanted to only move 20 yards, I thought I'll just pull the sled without putting the skis under it. Wrong! It's so much easier with skis. With the set up I have it takes less than a minute to put skis on or off. You just pick up one side of the tub and set it on one ski, walk to the other side pick up the tub set it on the other ski and pull.
  13. Anyone else try one of these retracting clothes line reels for an anchor rope? I saw the idea on YouTube thought I'd try it and it's worked great all summer. You just pull out all the plastic clothes line and replace in with paracord. The paracord is tied to the last 6" or so of clothes line so don't let that end slip back into reel. Then instead of having anchor rope all over the place it gently goes back into the reel. It holds about 40' which is plenty for me.
  14. Naturboy

    Light on the Ice

    I made a sled for my pop up that pulls everything out on the ice then I put the shelter over the sled and the lights are on the sled.
  15. Naturboy

    Kayak transducer mounting

    I tried a magnet and couldn't get it to work to my satisfaction. Since my yak was so outrageously cheap I just opted to drill a hole for transducer and depth finder mounts. I also drilled 2 more for a box for the battery.