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  1. gofishingtom

    wifi connection ?

    ok guys ask owner to reset he did nothing...asked the couple across from me and there wifi is working great..me all I get is unidentified network but I can connect with the other network but the signal strength is terrible.. why wont my laptop recognize this network...when it did 2 weeks ago with no problems...ive deleted it from my wifi and re located it 2 times and nothing..
  2. gofishingtom

    wifi connection ?

    were up at the lake and the resort has wifi and you can connect to 3 different connections back rv,sw,se..2 weeks ago I could connect to the back one with no problems at all now 2 weeks later my laptop wont connect to the wifi theres a connection there but my laptop says unidentified network..now my phone has no problem connecting to it...now if I go and connect to the sw connection which is weaker it will connect but its a snails pace as the wifi is farther away because im suppose to use the back rv connection..any ideas on how I can fix this problem
  3. gofishingtom

    suburban follow up

    month ago or so posted about a problem with my 99 suburban having some hiccup issues while driving and the tach would go nuts and the abs light would come on and gas gauge would go crazy and it felt like the truck was hesitating and then it would be gone..plus it never thru a code so it was a tough find..had it into shop for 5 days while i was on vacation and of course when they drove it for 5 days it never happen one time for them so they didnt know..well it happened to my brother-in-law the mechanic and finally figured out the problem so thought i'd let everybody know the result in case they have the same problem..it was the vehicle speed sensor and the abs sensor going bad and he informed me if the vehicle speed sensor goes out you pretty much lose everything and truck shuts down..so there u have it i thanks all who tried to give me ideas on to what it was..
  4. guys what is the best shock out there for the money for a 1999 suburban 4wd what have u guys had good luck with for a nice ride..anybody have the monroe sensa trac light truck shocks on a vehicle?
  5. last couple of weeks my suburban 220,000 miles has been having hiccups is the best way to describe it..it doesnt happen all the time but was driving 65 cruise on and all of a sudden it will start to jerk..cruise turns off check engine lite blinks and the other nite the abs light came on and stayed on also the tach goes up and down and gas gauge bounces..it has also happen at lower speeds.. and sometimes when i give it gas it hesitates..now it seems like its not getting gas so give me some ideas as to what u experts might think.. fuel filter? injectors need cleaning..
  6. gofishingtom

    Storing Boat Batteries

    ive always stored my batteries in my boat and my boat stays outside..and im on my 3 year on my batteries...just make sure there fully charged before u put boat away and top off with distilled water and charged..also if u can somehow check them throughout the winter and charge if needed ..they should be fine..
  7. gofishingtom

    Can I get Bemidji State Games on Directv

    bran32 sent u a pm check ur PM
  8. gofishingtom

    power tilt and trim ?

    thanks guys that is what i kinda thought was looking for some back-up on it got to the lake last night and greased it up and works great now...i always grease those in the spring and fall i must have forgot one spot this spring...
  9. gofishingtom

    power tilt and trim ?

    no ideas from the boat experts!!!!
  10. gofishingtom

    power tilt and trim ?

    have a 175 efi last night fishing and putting the trim down it made a little louder then a clicking noise kind of a clunk as it was going down like 3 seperate time when i pulled it out of water trimmed it all the way up and checked fluid and it was full any other ideas what i could check...
  11. gofishingtom

    07 Chev. Impala - strange problem

    i would say its the gas pedal that is what happened to out 07 impala and brother in law checy mech found the problem and changed out the pedal and car has been fine ever since
  12. gofishingtom

    tax on used vehicles???

    thats what i thought but bought a prelude last week 2000 for 4000 and wife got back fro changing title over and she only had to pay 80$ for the change over and no tax on the 4000
  13. is there a thresh hold on tax on used vehicles..like after 10 years if u buy a used vehicle u dont have to pay tax on it when u buy it..ive heard no tax and i ve heard u pay tax on all vehicle transactions
  14. gofishingtom

    early departures

    scsu Mike Lee just signed with the coyotes 3years
  15. Expect the worse..i did the same thing u did i was coming in from night fishing and my oil light and or beeping sound didnt go on..lost power and shut down but mine wouldnt start again took it in and was scored head so long story short new powerhead and 5500$ later..now i had a 175efi merc so yours might not cost as much...but be prepared for the worst and if it is less to fix then ur ahead of the game..my oil sensor was bad also and is suppose to go off when i get down to reserve oil..well my oil tank was dry and my reserve tank was dry which is located on the motor..as u have i have learned a big lesson about checking my oil tank everytime i fill up..so good luck and let us know what u find out