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  1. He was. It's been 2 days of crying.
  2. My dog that I got from this site has passed this morning. I don't remember the name of who I got it from, but if you lived in Maple Grove and GWP named Tucker, he was loved dearly. It's been a sad day and I just want to thank you for a great dog.
  3. I got a Facebook notification from Mark Romanack that this app is available for Android and Iphone. If anyone cares.
  4. I've gone through one cylinder on my husk 350. I guess it is a known issue with this model. Plastic clamp for the air intake fails.
  5. I lost my Lakemaster chip for my Lowrance Expedition C. What chip can i get for it now days?
  6. I have both books that were mentioned. I definitely go with Critical Concepts Walleye books. Very detailed books.
  7. Hello again MB. I bought Poplar from HD and it works pretty good. I never realized Stamina Tackle was in MN. Sweet.
  8. Does anyone know who works on Pflueger reels in Minnesota? I haven't had much luck with Pflueger customer service. Name and # would be great. Thx
  9. Go to google and search tackle underground.
  10. Actually, I have live in this house for 8 years. I have seen a lot from that household and a lot of neighbors are sick of it but to scared to get involved. Just another thing that should not be tolerated at all and showing a bad example to everyone. It is only going to get worse with the warmer weather and needs to stop before some gets injured. I'm not worried about neighborhood parties, most are on my side.
  11. I don't have problems with ATV's. It is the people that are retarded and ruin it for everyone else. Why is their so many restrictions on ATV's? Probably, because somebody is a moron and can't think this might actually hurt someone or THEMSELVES.
  12. It's not a problem with her driving down the road. (Well, besides it's against city laws).. the problem is, it's at night, no helmet and she's carrying a case of beer to her parents and their friends. THAT'S the problem. The other problem is they run their ATV's down city streets, at all hours of the night, with beer and 3 year old in hand at times. That's not only endangering themselves, but their child and possibly people. I don't think it's having "fun" when the actions are irresponsible and endangering others...
  13. From the DNR regs: "It is unlawful for a person to drink or consume alcoholic beverages when an OHV is operated on a roadway, or shoulder of a roadway, that is not a part of a designated trail for that vehicle type."
  14. The city called the DNR and the DNR said they will take care of it. I didn't really want to waste the time of the DNR even though it is a division of the DNR. The city gave me the number to call and talk to him. We will see.......
  15. If you are legal age and strap it on your atv to wherever fine. But a 14 underage kid with no helmet is not something that should be tolerated. I'm not the only one in the neighborhood with issues, but they are to scared of this guy.
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