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  1. Fergie2u

    feed minnows?

    LOL that was so funny (feed them a hook) what a good one. But that's what I feed them also.
  2. Yep me to like rod and reel in the portable for fishing over 15 to 20 feet or more, but will fish almost all the time in under 15 feet or less with my hand over hand poles.
  3. Fergie2u


    Man all cool sites
  4. love mine also but go about it a little different I start at the head removing it and then start at the tail and go forword following the back bone and though the ribs. Then when you do the flip side, the fish is flat and easy to do. then like some others scoop the ribs out with the elec. knife like kinda like using a spoon. Then and this is a little slippery but I hold on to the back of the fillet and take the knife at an angle about 30 to 40 deg. and side the knife though it and take the skin off. Nice and clean [This message has been edited by Fergie2u (edited 01-17-2004).]
  5. Well I am not really looking to buy a tip-up, but they also have a tip-up light for them for night fishing and the bulb burned out and i can't find a new bulb for it anywhere. Now being the orginized person I am I lost the darn thing and now I don't even have the #'s anymore. So I really need a Phone # or a web-site for them or someone to contact, but thank you for your reply.
  6. I like the polar plastic tips myself. Also have a polar II I like it also but it's a little to heavy.
  7. Does anybody know the web site for Mr.tip-up tip-ups. By the way I think this is a great site this is my first post in this site a friend at work turned me on to. I'm from Indiana and the ice fishing is just getting started here.
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