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  1. jerkin'm

    Any Morson Reports?

    Great pics and reports..what a nightmare with the house in the slush...never been to Morson, always stay in Nestor Falls and chase trout...had a good opener with no mechanical failures for once...
  2. jerkin'm

    Muzzy Season

    We saw some good bucks this weekend but couldn't quite seal the deal on any of them...my son smoked his second one with the ML this afternoon after talking me in to going out when we should have been packing to leave for home...(: found a big deadhead this morning too...deer were super spooky but saw plenty...time to pack all the hunting gear away and focus on ice!!
  3. jerkin'm

    Muzzy Season

    Son got his first muzzleloader deer...pretty cool sitting in the stand with deer coming and going all day...he passed him the first time through but couldn't on the return trip...(: one more weekend to go!
  4. Nice work!...Nope, I didn't die either...No kidding on the bugs this year, ouch...been out a few times in the last couple weeks..up to about 85# of chants, grabbed a few chickens, boletes, hedgies, and deer skulls too...
  5. jerkin'm

    Any Morson Reports?

    We never made it down to Morson, fished more Eastern side of Sabaskong instead. There wasn't a track out into any of the bigger basins which was a little scary....the fishing was good..we didn't see more than 7" of ice last Thursday when we were out there and lots of slush.
  6. Will be in the Nestor Falls area next week and thinking about trailering the sleds over to Morson for a day. Is there a public ramp in the town of Morson? Is there somewhere that's best to get on the lake? Do people fish reefs in the main basin close to Morson or head further to find fish? We have fished Miles bay in the past and that's a long run and hasn't been super productive for us in the past. Any help appreciated-
  7. I shoot those same power belts. I shot my last one from my original purchase at the buck I got the first weekend. That was the only bullet that passed through the deer. All the deer I have shot with them (4) have traveled a grand total of 30 yards. 3 of them dropped in their tracks. All shots were 40 yards or less. I like them as they load easy and you can take them out without having to shoot your gun. Nice to not have to thoroughly clean your gun just to unload it. I loaded a TC shockwave (I think it's called) for the last weekend, no way that bullet was coming out without firing the gun. Thats a nice big doe bigbucks! Looks like you are doing some sort of garage dance in the picture...(: As far as scrapes and rubs, we saw a lot of fresh ones the last weekend of the season. I never recall seeing a fresh/new one the last weekend of the season in prior years. Now my son is ready to unleash some squirrel rage next time up to the property! Leechlake-I think I have 7 points for a Colorado ML tag saved up now so I will hopefully be pulling the trigger on one of those soon as well!
  8. jerkin'm

    HSO Deer Photo's

    Last deer for our party this year
  9. jerkin'm


    My son found this really old shed last weekend. We had sightings of what we believe was this deer years ago but never got him...he was nearly as excited when he found it as when he got his first deer a few weeks ago!
  10. We are also in OTC and there are spikes, forkies, basket 6 and 8 points etc...a few years ago we started being more selective about the bucks we shoot and the difference has been eye opening. There is no way to say what that spike would have been next year. We got one more good buck before the end of the season and my son found a very heavy old 5 point shed..a good season for us...
  11. jerkin'm

    Ice report

    Thats better news than I expected...maybe there is hope for laker opener after all...appreciate the report!
  12. jerkin'm

    HSO Deer Photo's

    A few more...
  13. jerkin'm

    HSO Deer Photo's

    Lots of great deer and photos! Had one of my best deer seasons ever as my 10 year old son got his first deer. Made a perfect shot with great grandmas 30/30. Kind of cool as my dad and I also got a deer..