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  1. Im getting my butt kicked this year as well Day one had one come 40 yards thought he was going to come straight in but he turned and went the otherway Day 4 had 2 hens come in then 4 more followed by a huge tom he strutted at my decoy but was about 45 yards he then was around the 35-40 yard I pulled back on him but wasn't comfortable with the shot it was a weird angle out of the window and I was on one knee. Day 10,11,12 birds gobbling like crazy all came down on wrong side of treeline. Day 12 I got out of blind and went through swamp to cut them off at
  2. here is a pic from red door I actually thought about doing this, it is a darn good deal in my eyes
  3. Well they were gobbling up a storm on the roost then all went calm then around 800 I heard one gobble then they went to the neighbors field corner on the other side of the treeline! So I had to watch them strut around for an hour I decided to try to sneak through the swamp and go over the bridge to the field by the time I made it there they were not in the corner anymore but 60-70 yards further down tried calling from there but no luck that's twice I have seen them in the corner at 820 each day sucks because I was going to set up there but I was thinking that will be th
  4. All set up ready to rock its going to be a beautiful day out regardless!
  5. Nice bird! Well I had one that gobbled at my call I sat tight and waited for him to come to me Then I look in the field on the other side of the tree line and there he was strutting away straight across from me. Gave him another call and he disappeared from view was hoping he would had over my way but never saw him again. I then had to leave because the wind was trying to blow me away. I passed on hunting today to do spring things around the house (get the boat out, lawnmower, take down Christmas lights, and clean the garage.) I am giving it another go tomorrow morning. Man this
  6. Indeed I am pretty confident I will get one this weekend I am able to hunt fri to monday morning
  7. Yup so far this season would have had 2 nice ones with a shotgun I just keep telling myself archery is life lol
  8. Well the big tom slipped away from me Man He was big be was coming i ti my decoys but the hens went the otherway and he turned and followed i drew back and almost gave it a shot but it was a wierd angle on one knee and i decided to not i will get him friday when i go out next
  9. Well to hens came out in the morning behind me eating theb a big tom pushed 4 more hens out the pther two joined them and the went the wrong way i should of set up 20 more yards down and i would of had a great shot! Stupid birds
  10. Nice bird! After my uneventful day Sat I gave Sunday a break Going out Monday morning to see If I can tag one.
  11. Besides the gobbles i heard in the morning nothing is moving out here! Besides 11 deer pheasant and a coyote that was 10 yard out from getting one in his boilwrmaker!
  12. Snuck out today had one walk by 40 yards no shot ones gobbling at me across swamp making hos way now
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