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  1. I agree with rundrave. #4 early and #2 shot later in year
  2. I am in the process of building a shop thinking 30x40 and what would be the best option stick or pole or is that just a personal prefrence? Is there much difference in price? And what would be a total estimate with concrete and labor avg? Just want to make sure some of the bids I have received so far are way off base or in the norm? Sorry for so many question I am new to this whole thing. Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys, was out for 4 days this last weekend and seen the migration in full swing. Surprised on how many juivies with the adults. Seen them pushing as far north as Aberdeen. Did shoot a nice ross with a neck band and double leg band on Friday. Hope to get out this weekend again. Big thanks to all the South Dakota landowners for being so nice and allowing us permission onto there land for hunting.
  4. Was out there last weekend and the majority that pushed into the state are hanging out on the Missouri River. Anybody else been out there and have any updated reports of the migration?
  5. replaced alternator and so far no issues thanks again Jeremy
  6. thanks smoker I found 2 tubes of the 3m in the basement ill give that a try and maybe a screw or two as leech said. Thanks for the info guys.
  7. I had it in a heated shop when I applied it around 80 degrees in there so I doubt that was the problem. I used DAP dynaflex 230 caulking.
  8. one corner of my house the caulking has started to give way and the panel is starting to lift during highway speeds. I have re caulked all seams and corners and it worked loose again on way home. Is there any types of caulking that works better? Any input would be great. Thanks.
  9. westguy


    how u figure that the loss is not on walsh? Good kickers especially ones that make that kind of money DO not miss those chip shots in any weather conditions. It was a wasted season with our defense as good as they were but all Vikings fans have seen this before with a kicker( I don't need to remind anyone of that) hopefully next year we can put it all together.
  10. the dashboard lights have been flickering slightly for a week. Then the check gages light would come on as the battery indicator needle would stay on L. My wife was driving home and the radio went out and when she pulled into driveway and shut off the truck was dead. I charged the battery for 10 minutes and it started just fine and no problems for a week and it started all over again. Could this be a bad battery? Alternator? Regulator? any insight would be great I bought an alternator for it but don't want to put in unless that is the problem. Thanks for any help.
  11. tried the same as leech the texture is different, I take it into a meat market in Hutchinson and they process awesome burgers with cheese and bacon in them.
  12. auger, 24" extension and replacement blades and hooded sweatshirt for 479
  13. pulled the trigger on the ION at the show got a good deal plus some freebies included. Cant wait to use it now. Might have to head to RED to try it out tomorrow instead of Christmas shopping with the wife.
  14. maybe the cost of the battery 150$ is offset from gas augers by no carb kits needing replaced and other mechanical breakdowns/ maintenance?
  15. thanks everyone for the info all very good points! I have a gas auger but with my new ice cabin was kind of trying to keep the fumes to a minimum to keep the wife happy. I have done my research and still 50/50 but leaning towards the ION.
  16. I know this has been discussed in the past but to all who own one what are the pros and cons? I have been thinking of getting the ION but a lot of people told me they wont work in cold temps and last time I checked it is usually cold ice fishing. I am picking one or the other up at the show this weekend and would appreciate any advice from owners of each. Thanks will be mostly using for my big house.
  17. I was told when I bought mine that when plugged into my truck it is charging the batteries. Has anyone tried this just plugging the connector back into there vehicle to charge the batteries running the truck so often instead of a generator?
  18. Sorry IC somehow my post didn't enter before I am new to this as well as I just bought my ice cabin and am trying to figure everything out too. Thanks Gus you have had some great info for us new ice cabin owners.
  19. I have a 2011 and have a manual override on the jacks.
  20. I have forced air furnace in a ice cabin was just curious how often people plug them in there driveway. Not sure what kind of convertor I got just don't want to keep unplugging batteries when not in use but I will if need be
  21. Just bought my first new wheelhouse and am wondering how often I should plug in to keep the batteries charged? Do most disconnect the batteries when not in use? Thanks for any input.
  22. UMC - I have the same problem as you again and i've tried all the powders and chemicals with no results. Every 18 months they keep coming back. The last plumber told me I should have the pipes rerouted to the city drain? A cost of around 3000?? I think for now ill keep paying the 200 every year and half. I feel your frustration.
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