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  1. happy thanksgiving! and good fishing!!
  2. Upper Red Lake is completely frozen as far as one can see. I walked out 100 yards, so I'll try to get out sat. for some tip up fishing. I can't wait!! crappieSCOUT
  3. i walked out 30 yrds on one of my bluegill lakes!....
  4. I own a chocolate lab who is by far the best retriever i've ever seen! but I dont know where to start on how to get her to do a blind retrieve.any tips? thanks
  5. buckblaster.....where would you find 55 gallons of meat for 10 bucks........ thats a heck of a deal.....
  6. any fellow bear hunters have any secret's or wierd tecniques to bear hunting? whats your favorite bait? attractant? biggest bear you've shot?
  7. i'm a fishing and hunting guide on upper red lake!!!...... ------------------ www.bearpawguides.com
  8. where are they located at? thanks!
  9. i grew up in two harbors and I could take you too a couple holes WAY up the knife that holds some very nice fish. But the river too fish for me would be silver creek that river has got some very big brookies. and lots of em'
  10. Guys i really need your help. I grew up around two harbors area trout fishing my whole life, and i recently moved to waskish which is around bemidji or so and i would like to know if there are any decent trout streams around.....any help would be appreciated... thanks SCOUT I.B.O.T # 234 ------------------ www.bearpawguides.com
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