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  1. I own a Chefs Choice slicer and it has been a good unit. Not sure which model but it is fairly easy to clean and will slice up to 1" i believe. I'm guessing the 610 model. I've sliced ham , bread, potatoes, cooked pork loins, pork belly bacon, and a couple of other items and it seems to handle the task pretty well. Probably not the same as an industrial slicer but good enough for the hobby user.
  2. I thought about doing them ahead of time and reheating but wasn't sure what the final product would turn out like. I definitely don't want to mess it up as I am usually in deep do do with the wife the way it is. I think i will slice it up and have some broth on hand in case it is needed.
  3. Is it being powered down electrically or is it drifting? In reverse i would think it should lift the motor not let it settle. I am thinking you have a short in the power trim circuit when reverse is engaged but i dont have any professional knowledge of your setup.
  4. Plan on smoking pork loins for graduation this weekend. I have a question that hopefully someone has an answer for. I plan on slicing the loin pretty thin with my slicer and then putting it into a roaster for sandwiches. My question is what type of liquid if anything should i put in the roaster to keep the meat moist as the day goes on? I smoke the loin to 145 and then let sit a half hour or so before slicing. I am hoping to keep the roaster right at 150 or so just so it is warm enough to keep the food safe to serve but not dry it out. Approximately 60 pounds of loins. I was thinking some type of a beef broth or Au Jus but i don't want to lose the smoke flavors. Thanks in advance!
  5. I used an attic thermostat that has an adjustable on/ off setting similar to the below image. It turns on at bout 75-80 degrees and then shuts off when the temp drops back down
  6. Can you elaborate? Do you think there is an issue with the pass lock system bypass relay? Not sure why it would leave him stranded unless the security system would be causing the issue of not starting. If there is a known issue please let me know because i definitely don't want him stuck out in the middle of no where.
  7. Buddy just came back and he said they had 10" ice on waubay and 12" on bitter. Not sure where they were on the lakes. They came back early as the fishing was really slow.
  8. My son has a 2004 Buick regal that had an aftermarket remote start installed when we bought it. The car starts fine with the remote start but after a few minutes of running the car shuts off and then automatically restarts the engine. I have a little knowledge of how the remote start systems typically work but i am not an expert. I assume it is loosing a tach signal but i was hoping someone would maybe have a little more knowledge on the subject. I am not sure of the brand but the below is a picture of the key fob.
  9. For the life of me i cant catch a fish unless i have meat on the hook. I have never caught a fish in the summer or winter on plastics only. I watch all of the outdoor shows and get suckered in to trying them. I might have to try the clam products for the ice as it looks like they show some promise for Jason Mitchel.
  10. Its pretty sad a guy that was looking for some advice on a new flasher and it turns to this. I wouldn't drop $60,000 on a new boat but i sure as hell wouldn't belittle the people that do. Looks like a pretty cool technology and please report back on the performance.
  11. I bought the helix 5 SI mainly for a new summer unit since i didn't have GPS in the boat and with the intention of using the GPS for the ice at a minimum. I figured it would be so/so on the ice but it actually worked really well in graph mode. I am still fumbling around with some of the settings. Naturally now that the new units have arrived i wish i would have waited for the newest offerings as they look to be a bit more geared toward the ice.
  12. I finally got out to try my first gen helix 5 this weekend. Fished in 8 feet of water next to a lx5 and Lx7 in an otter lodge. The flasher screen was not the best. It was slow to react to my jig movement and i tried a few things to speed it up to no avail. I switched it over to the graph and it was much better. I am somewhat used to the graph as i use both on the LX7. I didn't have any trouble with interference but i was only using the 200hz on the Helix. It was definitely not in the same class as the Marcum considering the Marcum is a dedicated ice unit but as a dual use unit for the summer and winter it has lived up to my expectations. I believe the new units will be much better in this regard. Battery life was pretty good as i fished for about 15 hours on Saturday and i would say i had about 60% battery left. Overall i am happy with the performance on the first outing. I will chime back in when i get into some deeper water to compare the interference.
  13. If i'm not mistaken i believe the older 5 and the new chirp use different transducers. Assuming you are looking at purchasing the ice transducer. In my opinion the Humminbird page is horrible. They do not explain things very well in their descriptions. Just an FYI that the ice pack they offer with the XL-9-20 transducer does come with the power adapter to hook to the battery but does not include the battery and charger.
  14. I have the parts on order to get the unit set up for the ice. I ended up buying a marcum lithium shuttle for my LX7 and then plan to mount the Helix on the shuttle that came with my LX7. I am hoping to find walk-able ice in my area this weekend and hopefully the parts show up before then so i can give it a go. I have the pre-chirp model of the helix so with a little luck i can get them to cooperate.
  15. I have a couple of Marcums and i figure when the wife comes with i would have another unit for one of us to use. Like many i bought the helix 5 with the intention of dual purposing it. None the less it will be useful for the GPS capability if the flashers don't play well.
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