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  1. Final result: After two days on LOTW and moving to and from shallow and deep houses I've decided to stick with the Vex FL20 Ultra Pack. The key differences were ease of use, screen and durability. Both have good zoom features. The LX5 has a nice bright screen, but the hooded screen was difficult to read from a top down angle, especially when in the case. Marcum does seem to have a better IR feature and the dual beam is nice, as is the super fine line feature and do like the design of the transducer positioning arm. Technologically, both a very solid units with their respective bells and whistles. The LX5 is a good unit with a some great features, but for me the 20 is a more durable unit with an easier screen to view and knobs that are durable and easy to use. I can't imagine the membrane on the LX5 buttons is going to last very long and the buttons and knobs are pretty small, especially with gloves on. Again, just my personal observations and preferences. Both are great units and help you find fish below the ice. Thanks to everyone for participating!
  2. Heading to LOTW 12/26 with my buds and will have a chance to compare the 20 and the 5 in shallow and deep houses. I'll post impressions and comparisons when we return. Again, this is all in good fun! Happy Holidays, everyone!
  3. I have the Clam IceArmour case and it works great at about have the cost of the Otter case.
  4. Well, I treated myself to an early Christmas present and purchased the LX-5 Marcum unit and have had a chance to use it on the ice. Some comparisons to the FL20; it has a much smaller profile than the 20. The screen is awesome with superior brightness, definition and separation, but it is smaller than the 20 and I still like the flat design of the 20. It comes with a nice case, which I quickly discarded, it just gets in the way. I like the dual beam ducer and the arm that holds it in place. Zoom is also nice because you can set it anywhere in the water column. The Vex, which is probably 7 years old now, seems to have a more durable pack design and the larger dials are easier to adjust, the buttons and dials on the 5 are a bit small. No shallow water setting on the 5, but after speaking with someone at Marcum about this feature it was made very clear to me that more power is better than less, so okay, I guess. We'll have to see. Marcum has a proprietary design battery charger adapter, which is kind of like having an iPhone, so don't lose it. I guess you can use your Vex gator clips if you do :-) Bottom line, for me, both are great units and it really is about your own personal preference and brand loyalty. I caught just as many fish with the 5 as I did with the 20, just fun to have a new toy. Thanks to everyone for sharing - awesome response to this post!
  5. I became a big fan of my electric Rapala knife several years back, but it finally bit the dust and they've discontinued this particular model. Any suggestions on a good replacement that has a standard plug (no adapter), a powerful motor and good blades? Thanks!
  6. Thanks, guys! I knew what to expect when I posted this and appreciate everyone who posted their opinions. I run an FL20 and like it just fine, but am always curious to hear about users experiences with the other brands. Enjoy your Marcum, Bird or Vex and have a great season on the ice. Now... Clam, Frabill, Otter, CanvasCraft or Eskimo :-)
  7. Been a Vex guy from the beginning, but curious to hear your favorite and why. Gimmicks aside, who has the best technology on the ice today? Happy holidays!
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