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  1. I bought a used boat last Fall and recently rigged my Lowrance elite 7 onto it. The boat came with a Lowrance elite 5 hooked up to a NEMA 2000 GPS that I took out of the console position and would like to rig it up front. I wanted to hook the NEMA 2000 GPS to my Lowrance elite 7 but it looks like the cable end won't hook up to my elite 7. Do I have to buy a different cable or will this NEMA not work with my elite 7?
  2. Not 100% positive on this so maybe someone else can back me up, but another option would be to book a trip with Brad Hawthorne during the early ice on URL. He has a facebook page and I am pretty sure he will take you out on a wheeler or I know he has a large bombardier for later in the year. He runs Otter portables and has been a guide on Upper Red for quite a few years.
  3. Put my first trap out last night in a drainage ditch off the Red River. Going to check it out after work this evening, so its just a waiting game now!
  4. Checked out google earth and it looks like there are a couple decent smaller creeks around my area. Anything specific I should be looking for that would hold them?
  5. What type of creek or river should I look for to target them? I planned on using a trap then transporting them into my homemade aerated cooler in my vehicle.
  6. busse3775

    Creek Chubs

    Anyone have experience in catching there own creek chubs and would like to share any advice or tips? I am thinking of buying a couple minnow traps to try it out.
  7. busse3775

    Weed Lines

    Just this past week I have started to notice more weeds.
  8. busse3775

    Weed Lines

    You hear guides and pros always talking about fishing next to weed lines ALL THE TIME. The one thing they don't discuss or explain is how they go about finding these weed lines. The guides and pros have a lot more time to scout to find these, but how does a weekend fisherman go about finding them. What is your guys opinion or advice on fishing weed lines?
  9. Living in Minnesota it sounds crazy to actually pay to fish a private pond but I have caught some of my biggest fish in private lakes and ponds. Pulled a 16 1/2" crappie out of a private pond ice fishing and last Sunday our boat caught and released 12 eyes over 26" on a private lake. To add, I didn't have to pay to fish either one of these locations.
  10. I use Fireline 80% of the time and have noticed that after about a year or so that the strands in the braid start almost loosening up. Any one else notice this? It hasn't effected the strength in the line that I've noticed but I notice it when I am retying.
  11. I got the 60" shaft with 70 pound thrust. I see on the Minnkota page that this model does have the US2. Looks like I'll be buying another depth finder in the near future now!
  12. Purchased the Powerdrive V2 with ipilot last night at the Scheels fishfest since they were 10% off. I was talking to the Scheels guy about the difference between the V2 and the Terrova and he said the only thing different is the stow and deploy systems. He stated the V2 also has the US2 system, is this correct?
  13. Thanks for the advice! I have a Lowrance Elite 7 as well and my opinion is right with yours. I don't need a foot pedal and I don't mind the stow and deploy system on the Powerdrive at all.
  14. I have a 2006 PD right now and love the stow and deploy system and have never even used a foot pedal before since my PD has copilot. I am somewhat confused about the US2, is this system just for running depth finders in the front of your boat?
  15. Looking at buying a new trolling motor with Ipilot and am thinking about saving a little money and just buying the PD V2 with Ipilot instead of the Terrova. I know the Terrova has the universal sonar in it but I don't plan on using any of that. I also like the deploy and stow latch on the PD V2 better than the push in lever on the Terrova. What are your guy's opinions? And does the Terrova do more that I am unaware of?
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