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  1. Another ice fishing season is officially underway! We are much farther ahead of previous years in ice thickness at this time of year. On most of the smaller bays, numerous anglers I have talked to report 4-6 inches of ice. As for the smaller lakes connected to Devils Lake, we have heard of 6 plus inches. I have not been hearing of any reports coming from the main lake. Luckily with the recent snowfalls we have had strong winds that have kept the snow off of the ice. With the forcast showing below normal temps, we should continue to have good, strong ice to start the ice fishing season with. I will try to keep everyone posted on Devils Lakes ice conditions. There was a post of someone looking for an idea of jigs to use on Devils Lake. For perch I would reccomend Genz worms, forage minnows, Halis and new this season is the Forage Live. For walleyes Frostee Spoons, Jigging Shad Raps,Jigging Raps and about 90 percent of the time I have a Buckshot Rattle Spoon at the end of my line. Also if you are planning a trip to Devils Lake and not planning on using a guide, remember you must stay mobile. On Devils Lake walleyes, perch and Northern pike are not in the same areas. Permanent houses on Devils Lake very seldom produce fish day after day. As a guide on Devils Lake I can tell you that it takes us a lot of holes everyday and several setups to stay successful. If you stay mobile and are willing to drill a lot of holes you will have great success on Devils Lake. See you on the ice!
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well we have finally started driving on Devils Lake and what a relief it is to be back in our trucks. This cold weather that has came in with the new year has helped a lot and we are now finding ice thickness of 12-15 inches and with this forecast we should easily make an inch a day for the next week. We do have a about a foot of snow on the lake but it hasnt caused any problems and travel is easy. So far fishing this season has been excellent. Walleye fishing has been the best of seen in many areas across the lake and we have had most of our clients limiting out daily on 14-18 inch walleyes with a few fish over 24 inches. For the most part walleye fishing has been best in early morning hours and evenings but we have had a few days when the bite has lasted throughout the day. Now that we can drive we are able to cover more area and has made finding perch a lot easier. Last week Brian Hostetler and Dave (the animal)Soeth,of Burlington,Wisconson took home their possesion limit of walleyes and 77 nice jumbo perch. Great job guys! We havent spent a lot of time fishing for pike so far this season but we have been picking up a few while we are fishing for walleyes. I have heard the guys are doing great in the spear houses and the first 20 pd pike of the season was speared on New Years Day. I hope everyone is having a greeat New Year and we hoope to see you on the ice! Jeff Dosch
  3. Ice conditions continue to improve daily on Devils Lake and its connected bodies of water. From what I have seen and other reports that I have been hearing is that the main lake has 7-10 inches of ice. Smaller bodies of water to the North of Devils Lake have close to a foot of ice. So far this season the walleye bite has been excellent. Tonight I was out and cuaght a lot of fish and kept 4 walleyes ranging in size from 14-18 inches. Buckshots tipped with minnow heads in 8-15 ft was working the best. There have been reports of many areas of the lake producing nice walleye bites already this season. I did hear of a few perch being caught today and I will be out tommorrow to check it out. Starting early next week we are heading back into the deep freeze. With little snow on the ice we should be close to a foot of ice by Christmas and will soon be driving our trucks. Jeff Dosch
  4. In most areas of the lake there are plowed roads and access points on the lake are public boat ramps. Some of the resorts have private access but there is always a close public access. You have to remember that 90% of the shoreline of Devils Lake is undeveloped and a lot of the access areas that we use are just old gravel roads that are now flooded by the lake.Local bait shops will help you find these spots. If your looking for an easy fish to target, I would stick with Northern Pike. The Pike population is at an all time high on Devils Lake and they are usually hungry! White Bass and Crappie on Devils Lake on the other hand are hard to target and you will sometimes run into them when you are fishing for perch. When you are traveling to Devils Lake always bring your extension. Different areas of the lake freeze earlier and ice thickness can differ from one area of the lake to the next.
  5. I dont guide for spearing but I could sure point you in the right direction. There has been some guys out spearing and what I have heard is that the water is a little cloudy but that usually clears up about 2 weeks after first ice. The same thing happened last year and after a couple of weeks you were able to see about 6-10 ft. in some locations. A perfect place to spear on Devils Lake is in the trees in the shallow bays. Some areas you can get back nto the trees a long ways and you wont have to worry about vehichle noise. Its a lot of fun to set up in the trees, you really learn a lot about how the fish use the trees as cover. Some of the biggest pike I have ever caught or seen speared have come from the flooded timber. Jeff Dosch
  6. Its really hard to say when the best time of year is on Devils Lake. The walleye and Northern Pike bite has been very consistent the last couple of years. The perch bite as on every lake is weather related. Its all about getting lucky enough to get some stable weather when your after perch. Its just best to pick a date and plan on staying 3-4 days. That way you have a better chance of getting into some stable weather and some good perch fishing. If the weather stays like this we should be driving on some parts of the lake in as early as 10 days. And if the weathermen are right it looks like it will happen. If you were to hire our service we would ask that you leave the wheel house on shore for the day. Mobility is the key on Devils Lake and very often we will get a call from one of our guides and we will be moving sometimes 30 miles, so time is important and with portables we can be picked up and on the road in under 10 minutes. Dont get me wrong, Wheel houses are great but use them as base camp when you are fishing on Devils Lake. I hope this helps. Jeff Dosch
  7. Devils Lake, North Dakota is covered with a sheet of ice as of 12/4. Some of the smaller lakes connected to Devils Lake have had ice for about 10 days and are starting to see foot travel. Jeff Dosch
  8. Devils Lake finally is covered with a blanket of ice. Its one of the few years that we have had the lake freeze over without any wind and it looks like a perfect sheet of glass. With the forecast of below zero lows and hardly any wind we should be in good shape. i have heard a few reports of guys starting to walk onto some of the smaller lakes to the north or Devils Lake but I would recommend using caution for at least another week on the big lake itself. Once we get started, its a long season and we dont ever want to loose anyone! I've been reading several reports on here about the Perch fishing on Devils Lake and as a guide this is what I have seen happening on Devils Lake. Yes, perch numbers are down on Devils Lake but a lot of this has to do with that in the 80's in the so called glory years of perch fishing on Devils Lake the lake was only 30,000 acres. Take that same perch population and spread it out across 140,000 acres which is what Devils Lake is now and you have a lot more area to cover to find these Perch. Some of the best perch spots in the 80's that were 30ft deep are now 55 ft or deeper and dont hold perch like they used to. I have had to change the way I look for perch on Devils Lake and it has woked to my advantage. Believe me there are still giant schools of perch out there and now there is a quarter of the fishermen willing to spend the time trying to find them. Some of the best perch fishing you will ever experience is in the flooded pockets of trees. And with 100's of miles of flooded shoreline they have alot of hiding places. If your willing to drill some holes and think outside the box a little youll get into the perch on Devils Lake. Not to mention some of the best walleye and northern pike fishing in the country! Jeff Dosch www.doschguides.com
  9. First of all i would like to say what a great job everyone did that helped make the ice fishing tournament a success. It takes a lot of planning to make it work and Jim Moe and his crew really do a great job! We could of had a little less wind but that didn't stop everyone from coming out and a lot of fish were caught and everyone had a great time. The last time I heard there was a little over 3,000 people on the ice. Now for a fishing report: The high winds over the weekend made it hard to be very mobile and most people were blown off the lake. The good news is that the warmer temps helped to settle some of the snow and make travel a little easier. Today we spent the day chasing perch and we found that traveling off the trail was much easier and made looking for perch that more fun. Some of the best perch reports of the year have been coming in the past week or so. Several different areas of the lake have been reporting excellent perch catches with nice size Jumbos being reported. A group of 3 came in with 54 perch averaging 10-13 inches. The best depths have been 28-36 ft and halis, genz worms and small buckshots tipped with waxworms or small minnows have been working best. The walleye bite remains fairly steady with walleyes coming in depths of 6-30 ft. Shallow timber lines are producing early and late and some walleyes are being caught along with the perch on deep rocky structure. Jigging Shad Raps and Buckshots tipped with minnow heads have been working best. Northern fishing continues to be excellent in many parts of the lake. Smaller pike have been coming off jigging while the larger pike are coming off tip-ups with smelt or herring. Jeff Dosch www.doschguides.com
  10. Genz worms in a selection of colors. If your going to be fishing deep water and you probably will be, make sure to bring a dropper rig to help get your Genz worm down fast. jeff Dosch www.doschguides.com
  11. We have amtrak rates listed on our HSOforum. www.doschguides.com
  12. Woodland Resort and the Great American Inn are well suited for ice fishermen. You might want to check out Ackermanacres This is the newest resort on the lake and they really cater to fishermen. Jeff Dosch www.doschguides,com
  13. They are starting to plow roads on the lake starting tomorrow. www.doschguides.com
  14. Happy New Year Everyone! Today we ended 2008 with a great day of fishing! I had 2 guys limit out on walleyes and perch. The walleyes all averaged 14-18 inches and the perch were all 10-13 inches. We must have caught over 60 perch but we just kept picking through them and kept the bigger ones. You just don't ever get tired of catching 13 inch Jumbo Perch. They have started plowing trails on some areas of the lake. Woodland Resort is plowing Creel Bay, Ackermans Resort is plowing East Bay and the Casino has started plowing the area by Swansons Point. The walleye fishing has been incredible the last 2 weeks and the perch are just starting to really pick up. Pike fishing continues to be great in the shallow bays. Happy New Year and we hope the see everyone on the ice! Jeff Dosch www.doschguides.com
  15. Walleyes,walleyes and more walleyes. Right now walleyes seem to be everywhere we look. We have been picking up a lot of walleyes 14"-18" with a few bigger fish mixed in as well. The other night we had a guy catch and release an 8 pounder. Buckshots and jigging shad raps tipped with a minnow head have been working the best. Some reports of good perch bites have been coming in but we have been concentrating most of our time on walleyes. Pike fishing continues to be good in the shallower bays with tip ups working best. Jeff Dosch www.doschguides.com
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