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  1. Old one was a "safe T alert" model 35-741,35-742. New one from ice castle dealer is an Atwood model 31011. Had to do a little cutting as old one was rectangular vs. square now. At least now I have a spare battery but haven't needed it yet. Spent a lot of 2 nights/2days outings last year with generator only running about 4-6 hours per day and battery was fine.
  2. Had same problem when my ice castle was a year old last year. Thought battery was shot at 1 year old. Talked to ice castle dealer and said they had some detectors not working properly. He gave me a new style to put in and didn't have any problems at all last year with it.
  3. Anybody else having trouble with their eskimos gear case getting stiff to the point of not even turning when very cold like 20 below as it was last week? Do I need to change fluid? Tried Eskimo customer service with over 50 tries and on hold 3 times waiting almost an hour total and still no answer.
  4. Phillips 66 injex for about 15 years in my sleds and boat. about $16.95 and sometimes on sale
  5. no, mine will only fit the PFP 2 helmets. I think 2002 was the last year the PFP 2 helmet was made. PFP 1 helmets have the vent in the helmet in front , the PFP 2 had the vent in the bottom of the face shield.
  6. best thing might be to take it to a cat dealer and ask them what model it is that you have. If the bottom of your shield is pretty much straight across and no rise over the nose it is probably just a regular PFP helmet.
  7. would you happen to know about how long you have had this helmet? I have some older accessories books from Cat with pictures of helmets that I could maybe help you out. I have 2 brand new electric shield kits for sale, bought and found out they don't fit my helmets. mine are for model PFP 2 helmets made around 1999-2000 for sure. Not sure how to get a pic. on here for you to view.
  8. I have a Larin from Mills that has worked good for me over the years. Wish it was a little heavier but I'm lifting a Goldwing. Believe I paid about $65 on sale at that time.
  9. I have an lowrance Elite 5 sonar/GPS for about a year now that I am happy with. This can be had with a lake chip for what your looking to spend. Have the Lowrance ice kit for winter fishing which I really like also. you can check out You Tube under "elite 5" and watch video on some of the different models to see if there is something on there you would like.
  10. took mine off the boat and bought an ice pack kit for my elite-5 this past winter. Haven't really missed my vexilar all that much yet. Have not noticed any interferance with other units. Great unit to have! have about 3 different options for the way you want to use it.
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